Clarence Thomas: An Insidious Ideology of Greed

In my third Other Worldly novel, Aliens Abound, the following discussion takes place between protagonist Rowan Layne and an alien whose life role has been to observe humans, Americans in particular:

Raucous Wilde says, “It’s only about free exercise of their so-called religion—which is actually greed, in case you didn’t know—so they have a decided interest in blurring the lines of church and state.”

Rowan responds, “How fashionably fascist. All to continue subjugating women by stacking the Supreme Court with misogynist bigots and religious zealots.”

Funny, but not really, how this applies in real life to Clarence Thomas. Full disclosure: I have never liked or respected him. I still believe Anita Hill. I was appalled and outraged by how vilely she was treated by Republican senators. All of this occurred while I was in law school, and I remain sickened that white men exerting power run amok somehow deemed this man fit to replace Justice Thurgood Marshall on the Supreme Court. That’s putting it mildly.

It turns out I’ve been correct all along in not trusting this man who has so willfully decimated the public’s trust.

Clarence Thomas thanked “the nuns,” presumably from a parochial school background, when he was sworn in decades ago. That did not bode well for separation of church and state under the First Amendment, which had already been under relentless assault by the Court via the blatantly Catholic and sexist Antonin Scalia.

For many years, Thomas proceeded to vote 98 percent with Scalia, almost as if he was his personal assistant. Why do I say this? Because it took Clarence Thomas ten years to ask a question of his own from the bench, and that, dear folks, is his damn job.

He was not qualified, legally or ethically as a harasser of women in the workplace, to be appointed to our highest court in the nation, and he continues to prove it every year since. Not because of the color of his skin, but because of the depth of his inept depravity.

His actions, his expressions, his every utterance indicate a seething resentment, to this day, that he was exposed for who and what he is before he ever took his seat on the Court. He has proceeded to take his ire over Anita Hill and all Democrats who opposed his appointment out on all of us at every judicial step of the way. He didn’t like being held to account then, and he apparently believes he never should be.

He is derisive in tone, his arrogant expression a permanent sneer, while his actions show a pervasive disregard for the law and for We the People—whom he is supposed to serve fairly and equitably. Yet he only serves himself…to financial largess.

Clarence Thomas holds himself and his treasonous wife above it all, apparently, while he takes and takes, and hides and lies, exacting petty revenge from the bench like an enraged toddler whose mommy dared scold him for misbehavior. Did those nuns ever do so?

You’d think a man who is supposed to exercise wise jurisprudence could recognize the blatant grift of his own actions. But he can’t own up to his own unlawful duplicity and astoundingly poor judgment. Because he looks ridiculous. A cunning yet duped tool.

Does he really think some alt-right Hitler-revering billionaire became his friend for any reason other than his position on the Court? Seriously? These folks are fascists, all about power and control. Diversity and equality are not in their whitewashed wheelhouse.

Corrupt so-called conservatives found their puppet in Clarence Thomas, and so did his wife. It’d be sad if it weren’t so disgustingly dangerous and injurious to the rest of us, to our American democracy, and to the integrity of our highest court, which has more problems than Justice Thomas.

He’s the tip of a deeply disturbing and dangerous-to-democracy right-wing money pit. Wrought by the arch-conservative Federalist Society, backed by the US Catholic Church.

And why are predatory, cover-it-up, pedophile-scandal-plagued priests still wielding political power over our democracy while seeking to denigrate women to second-class status as mere baby machines? How is it they and other churches somehow still hold tax-exempt status as supposed religious organizations while they preach hateful divisive politics from their pathological pulpits? Their aim is a religious autocracy in which men of their ilk ruthlessly rule.

It’s so very telling how these Christofascists, both Catholic and Protestant, not to mention fake Christian gun-worshipping Republicans, constantly claim Democrats are pedophiles as so many of them are indicted and convicted for that very crime.  A daily stream of child-molesting criminals posing as teachers, preachers, police, or state representatives and other officials.

Their projection is chilling, and the grift is rampant. Because the US Catholic Church shouldn’t be able to afford, financially or otherwise, to do what it continues to do to our nation with its unrelenting unconstitutional meddling, and Clarence Thomas shouldn’t be able to sell out the Supreme Court for his insidious appetite for luxury and revenge.

The Catholic Church is in it for control and money (to pay all those legal bills and fund all those Supreme Court seats purchased?), because if it were about protecting babies and kids…well, it’s been sickeningly obvious that it isn’t and never was. Thomas is in it for the money, too, and has been all along. It was never about ideology, because his is merely unmitigated greed.

Clarence Thomas claims he was told that he could do all these corrupt things he’s done, accepting lavish gifts and real estate. Who taught him to judge right from wrong?

As H. L. Mencken said: “Morality is doing right, no matter what you are told. Religion is doing what you are told, no matter what is right.”


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