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I have not been sad this week. Not one iota, not one sad emoji face.

The time for sadness was long ago, when all of this horrific grifting, blame-gaming and corruption started. Hence, no sad emoji will be forthcoming from me now on this subject.

What I was was jubilant that the rule of law finally prevailed in Manhattan—at least.

What I am is disgusted that anyone would claim the indictment of a corrupt thug on 34 felony charges ultimately related to screwing with the 2016 presidential election is a sad day for America because it denigrates the American presidency.

The integrity of our very democracy was decimated when that vile misogynist entered the White House in January 2017. If you recall, he was treated with dignity and welcomed by President Obama. What happened when it was time for him to do the same for President Biden?

How quickly we forget. How sickeningly we have normalized this twisted, psychotic, poisonous and petty behavior. How ridiculous that we would expect even a modicum of integrity, dignity, or decency from this depraved schemer scammer poser and pathetic excuse for a human being.

And yet some pundits have the nerve to call his comeuppance sad. Puh-leeze (smirking eyeroll emoji). April Fool’s Day was last week. This week is about the scrofulous felonious fool finally being held accountable, finally being shown to not be above the law.

What is outrageous—not sad—is that this graceless goon has not been held accountable for his violence-inciting words and deeds, his blatant criminal and civil mayhem, until now.  For decades the law looked the other way in New York, and then the entire nation kept making excuses, deluding itself that he would ever be anything but an unmitigated despicable monster.

It is he who has besmirched the American presidency, not those who would finally hold him accountable.

What is beyond appalling is that the Department of Justice has yet to act—not to mention Bill Barr preventing Manhattan from acting years ago while he was attorney general. What’s sad is that sniveling pompous ass of a villain has not been held accountable for his obstructive unethical corrosive behavior. His deliberate and calculated dereliction of duty. His erosion of the integrity of the judicial branch of government.

What is disgusting is Republican idiots haplessly supporting the disgraced former president even now, as they did when he was twice impeached. No backbone to remove him, to prevent him from running for the presidency again per our Constitution. That’s not sad. It’s pathetic, gut-wrenching cowardice. And greed. And power mongering. Talk about desecrating America.

What’s sad is the electoral college still enables this to happen. He never had the popular vote. He never will.

What’s sad is that rampant crime was committed in the first place by someone who was a White House resident. I specifically won’t say he was a fairly elected president in 2016, because given the facts, all of his and his cult’s spewing about the 2020 election being stolen was always a blatant and very telling projection.

These maniacal MAGA morons always accuse others of that in which they are flagrantly engaging. It’s the gaslighting playbook. But that’s not sad, it’s sick.

And while we’re on the subject, anyone who has ever dealt with an abusive sociopathic male well recognizes that thuggish behavior in attorney Tacopina as he engages with the media after the NY indictment. Revolting and chilling.

So, no, not sad. And not particularly amused by those who keep whining and lamenting that any of us should be.

I celebrate the ultimate perseverance of the rule of law, the potential that justice may actually be served against this most heinous enemy of the state.

I send smiling face emoji into the universe with utmost gratitude and relief that, finally, the days of reckoning have come for he who would take a wrecking ball to the Constitution for his own amusement and personal financial gain.

May he never smile again. Because it’s quite clear he can’t keep his foul mouth shut.

4 thoughts on “NOT SAD”

    1. Lauryne Wright

      Thanks. I even posted a day early because you never know what’s going to happen next. May the indictments roll in like a righteous mighty stream.

  1. I laughed all the way through. and shared with a coworker who laughed too. it was a great description of what happened, and shows just how much you truly don’t like the man. (smirk emjoi)

    Carry on, my friend.

    1. Lauryne Wright

      Thanks. And now for what happened in Tennessee yesterday…It just never ends and is indelibly connected.

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