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A Governorship Should Not Be Heedlessly Gambled On

I’ve now been affected by COVID in a vile manner not anticipated and not at all rational. Voters in Nevada inanely blamed pandemic restrictions and resulting economic fallout on our Nevada governor.

To do so, many had to revert to that tired vapid crap about “both sides,” as in both candidates were undesirable, so let’s get rid of the current, caring guy and gamble on a former sheriff with credible accusations of domestic violence and corruption.

You’d think by now folks would realize there is a stark difference between Republicans and Democrats that has absolutely nothing to do with economics, and everything to do with ethics.

When the choice is a decent human being not out to destroy our nation by election denial versus a misogynist former county cop lacking in qualifications to run an entire state and endorsed by a traitorous ex-president, it is demoralizing to think that so many could be so recklessly stupid and selfish.

Not to mention, when will women ever be listened to when it comes to claims of harassment, sexual assault or domestic violence? It’s bad enough we have dangerous misogynists on the Supreme Court and one we had to almost forcefully remove from the White House along with his criminal entourage, now I’m stuck with a governor you couldn’t pay me to be in a room alone with.

And why do women vote for men of this ignominious ilk? Is it about the gaslighting? Intimidation? Because while females are belittled and treated as second-class citizens by MAGA mania, they’re also blamed for anything and everything by the same cretins who will give them credit for absolutely nothing.

Now it’s single women who are targeted for all the ails of men who think women aren’t allowed to tell them no. Before that it was women without children who were deemed unqualified for leadership roles—when they were previously ostracized from jobs because they might get pregnant.

Meanwhile, far too many so-called progressive men on social media still can’t quite bring themselves to recognize that women having their rights eviscerated might have something to do with why there was no red wave to bring in more misogynist bigots to control what everyone else does with their lives. These men will list any number of reasons why so many Democrats prevailed in the 2020 midterms, but hell will freeze over before they acknowledge the powerful role of pissed off women.

Yes, I’m grateful and relieved I get to keep my fabulous female badass senator Catherine Cortez Masto. And that Nevada will have a Democratic secretary of state to prevent any bad faith dealings in Carson City during the 2024 election, lest the new governor decide that votes of outspoken, single, childless women like me shouldn’t count.

Because he’s already barring media members who didn’t endorse him while he pledges so-called “transparency.” Transparent fascism, perhaps?

Fact is, the numbers for Democrats were far too sickeningly close to those for fanatics, and who knew I’d end up of having Arizona governor envy? I’m also inordinately proud of Maryland, my law school state, for electing a stellar governor of historic precedent.

I used to be able to say, at least we’re not Florida or Texas when it came to the governorship helm. How many in Nevada will soon realize they’ve now hurt our state in a way that will pale in comparison to COVID restrictions, and that there are far worse things than having to stay home and wear a mask?

Yes, economics matter, but so do basic human decency, professional integrity, and competency. Police state is not a good look for Nevada. Leadership involves more than wielding a gun and a badge and should include respect for women. Domestic violence is real, and those who engage in it should occupy a jail cell, not a governor’s seat.

You can bet I’ll be writing about this in my next novel, and the bad guys aren’t going to ultimately win. Because women in the Battle Born state are also capable of engaging in battle. And the pen can be mightier than the tyrannical sword.

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