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Alien Sensation Launches, Fifth Novel of Other Worldly Series

Alien Sensation has launched in time for the summer solstice, but the opening scene takes place around the spring equinox. The timing might not be great with all the happenings in Congressional hearings, but this fifth novel of the Other Worldly series has its own investigative hearings, complete with bigoted Republican anti-alien blowhards (unfortunately).

Not to worry, though, there’s plenty of escapist relief and righteous justice as Rowan Layne travels from East Coast to West and beyond, venturing once again into outer space. For hometown high school pals, there’s even visits to the Ocean City, MD, boardwalk, and a late-night outing for Mario’s Pizza in Arlington, VA. And then there’s those alarms that keep getting set off at various Smithsonian buildings…

Here’s the lowdown on the sometimes-hilarious highs of Alien Sensation:

Rowan Layne’s alien tell-all book tour is underway and under siege in Salem, Massachusetts, and Washington, DC, by sanctimonious misogynists obsessed with the sex lives of others. Why is that?

Anti-alien fanatics continue wreaking havoc in this fifth novel of the Other Worldly series, including members of Congress who project their nefarious pursuits onto Rowan and her Red Orbiter and Labyrinthian pals. There is little they won’t seek to destroy or control for diamond mining on Mars.

While Rowan tries to avoid the pressure to choose just one beau, a mysterious voice from her past has her questioning former romantic entanglements.

For a moment’s escape from it all, she accepts an invitation for a galactic tour with the US vice president and new human-hybrid friends, where they discover a wellspring of otherworldly wonders, including a rejuvenating, crystal-filled exoplanet that expels negative vibes. If only they had shoes for Mom.

Rowan embraces the role of honorary aunt to the next generation of precocious extraterrestrials. But are they really alien babies if they’re hatched in Vegas?

And those corrupt congressional cohorts had better think twice before demanding Rowan and others testify to a committee decrying alien citizenship, because the all-female Red Orbiter sextuplet preschoolers have lawyer-level arguments already prepared.

Will the exuberance of the young help Rowan spread the message about planetary degradation and overcome the searing desire to flee ignoramus inhabitants of Planet Earth?

Alien Sensation, eventually available at myriad online booksellers, currently up and running at, or obtain the paperback and eBook versions via the publisher at



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