Aliens Abound

Aliens Abound Launches on Spring Equinox

Aliens Abound, third installment of the Other Worldly fantasy series, launched today on Amazon, with more online bookstores soon to follow! Given that it’s the spring equinox, this could not be more perfect while I’m hard at work drafting the fourth book, Being Alien, with scintillating scenes taking place at Stonehenge…

But today, here’s the skinny (and the fat) on Rowan’s adventures in Aliens Abound. Happy reading!:

When it’s suggested she shelter in space to avoid the clutches of an outgoing maniacal president’s secret police leading up to the January inauguration, writer and defender of alien rights Rowan Layne heads to Earth’s moon with her critters for this third adventure in the Other Worldly series. But will she be safe there from anti-alien vigilantes?

To her surprise, Rowan is invited into a diplomatic role to assuage alien concerns of American aggression in space. While learning methods to manage her enhanced auditory abilities, Rowan dallies with an alluring former Marine from Mars, further complicating her tangled romantic life. She seems to be adding instead of subtracting suitors as well as gaining a few pounds as she adjusts to delicious and decorative lifestyle on a spaceship—including shoe shopping for Mom—with the help of Red Orbiter gal pals and a Scottish former US secretary of defense who might just be an MI6 spy.

Her task to write the much-anticipated book about Red Orbiters looms, much to Rowan’s angst, as she travels from the moon to the land of her youth. In Washington, DC, she attends presidential inaugural balls as the guest of an otherworldly VIP and addresses Congress about violations of the Outer Space Treaty, but can she and her allies thwart further attacks by relentless anti-alien thugs? And where will Rowan’s mighty pen and ardent voice send her next in her quest to aid human hybrids as they adjust to living life with aliens?

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