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Book Banning is on Malevolent, Mindless Repeat

I’m posting this on Groundhog Day because we’ve tackled this pathetic and tiresome issue before, yet it keeps coming back, seeming to never end. It repeats as mindlessly as the malevolent people perpetuating it.

Fascist racists are in a tither to ban books revealing truths about atrocities their ancestors committed in the short history of our nation. It renders me all too aware how the subject matter contained in my Other Worldly series could and has triggered similar kneejerk ignorance of bigoted bullies.

My novels may be categorized as comedic speculative fiction or fantasy or science fiction by the parameters of the publishing industry, but the sociopolitical issues they address are unfortunately real. As is the reality that there are plenty of folks who don’t want me writing what I write.

The reality that these blowhard book banners don’t choose to face is what lurks behind their stupidity-fueled hatred: That they and their petty ilk are not the center of the universe and do not represent those of us who are capable of compassion and caring for others.

For centuries these book-banning—and burning—buffoons haven’t had to deal in reality, or deal with much opposition or competition for their self-proclaimed superiority because they stacked the deck in their prejudicial favor. This as they can barely string together a literate sentence or a coherent, logical thought.

Folks who can’t or won’t read also don’t want others reading—or writing—about the utter vileness they and those who marauded before them have perpetrated on this planet.

Hence, beginning with Alienable Rights, first novel of my Other Worldly series, I address a plethora of pestilence born of ignorance. Racism, misogyny, religious hypocrisy including gun worship—all hurled at the revelation that aliens are among us, and we are them. Extraterrestrials are the new target of those who would violently deny rights and decency to anyone “other” than themselves.

In Feeling Alienated, I cover the fallacy taught in history and law books that white humans were the “first in time” in the part of Earth claimed as the USA. Those tomes, filled with blatant self-serving lies, should not be used as factual tools for education because they are flat-out fantastical fiction. And highly and conveniently white-washed at that.

In Aliens Abound, violence perpetrated by those who would silence the voice of others takes center stage. Writer Rowan Layne is their target. This female is a post-middle-aged protagonist who many in today’s society (not to mention the publishing industry) would discount simply because she isn’t a sleek young ingenue of child-bearing age whose sole focus is finding a man to “give” her children. Instead, she uses her voice and her mighty pen to champion alien rights.

In Being Alien, Rowan Layne must evade the clutches of those compelled by greed and misogyny on a quest to forcibly take what they would deny others who are not of their race, gender, religion, or hateful sensibilities. They do not want a woman speaking or writing about anything, much less the reality that she and everyone else possess alien DNA.

And now in Alien Sensation, fifth book in the series coming this year, protagonist Rowan Layne is under attack by deranged fanatics, religious misogynist zealots who rage against her first book tour for an unprecedented tome about alien observations of humans on Earth. Soon the inevitable grumbling starts, because some humans don’t want children to learn of their extraterrestrial heritage.

I began drafting Alien Sensation before this blather about banning books became the latest rage for idiots desperate to maintain relevancy, but as usual, ugly realities have a way of rocketing beyond anything a writer might concoct as speculative fiction.

George Orwell was quite prescient when he wrote, “The further society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.”

2 thoughts on “Book Banning is on Malevolent, Mindless Repeat”

  1. This latest banning is scaring in two facts… the Board that deals with this says that this latest list has more books on it than they ususally deal with in a year, must less one list. And the majority of the writers are POC, and that scares me. The fact that I have most all of them through one form or another is a feather in my cap I guess. LOL

    1. Yes, it is scary. I saw a Twitter post yesterday that said, “Funny how they haven’t managed to ban Mein Kampf.”
      Keep reading those banned books!

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