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Dancing on the Moon for New Year’s Eve

It’s been far too many moons since I attended an exciting New Year’s Eve party and experienced a thrilling toe-curling midnight kiss. Hence, I decided to put a sexy and scintillating—and serendipitously silly—scene in the third novel of my Other Worldly series, Aliens Abound, launched in 2021.

The festive party was fun to write, but also a challenge, given the number of characters involved. It actually spans three chapters, because there’s a lot going on in addition to dancing under a disco ball.  Not to mention it just happens to take place on the moon.

Disco itself will feature in my sixth Other Worldly novel, Altogether Alien, coming soon in the new year. Can ya dig it?

For now, I’ve cut and pasted NYE party excerpts from Aliens Abound below, hopefully removing any possible spoilers.

So, break out the bubbly and the black-eyed peas, happy reading, and Happy New Year:

I walked into the party room through festive silver streamers hanging from the ceiling. The song “Moondance” played in the background.

“You’ve outdone yourselves. Is that a red mirror ball?”

“Hey, that’s a red orb disco ball,” said Genie.

…“Tim decided the theme of the party would be the Bond film Moonraker and we got tuxedos from different Bond films.”

“So which Bond are you? Let me guess, Daniel Craig? Be still my heart.”

“Yes, and Owen is coming as Pierce Brosnan because of that sexy black hair,” said Rowdy.

…“Well, I have no doubt who you are, although I do miss that kilt,” I said. “Didn’t they make Sean Connery a knight, too? Should I call you sir?”

“Stirred, not shaken,” said Red, handing me a martini I presumed was botanical gin from Saturn, a new favorite of mine.

…“So who am I going to be? M’s already taken, darn it.”

“You, lass, are Jill St. John as Tiffany Case, redheaded American who starred with Sean Connery in Diamonds Are Forever.”

…“Moon River” now played in the background, a little tame for the mood of this crowd. “I hope you’re not going to sing this tune for karaoke,” I told Rowdy.

“No, but ‘Bad Moon Rising’ for sure!” He sailed off to argue with Genie.

…I sat at the bar with Red…

“I want the rundown on your ears. Tell me what makes you so special to aliens. They’re like a moth to a flame with you.”

“Funny you should say that, because, in a nutshell, I hear voices over great distances, like a moth, and those voices belong to Red Orbiters. I also hear high-frequency sounds other humans can’t. And because I never knew what it was, I apparently developed my own version of tinnitus. The ringing is a defense against being bombarded with voices, because it tends to freak me out.”

“It’s in your DNA then? You have Red Orbiter DNA?”

…“Rowdy Wilde, I don’t care how many drinks you ply me with, I am not going to sing karaoke with you.”

“Not even ‘Fly Me to the Moon?’” Rowdy pouted, which was kind of alarming.

“Let’s be clear here on who flew you to the moon,” said Maggie. “Did you try the shrimp puffs yet? And there’s cheese fondue I heard you love, with OW apple slices.”

“Great, I might need a bib to cover this dress,” I said. “And do you know if there’s a Southern-style soul food restaurant here? My mom will hound me if I don’t eat black-eyed peas for good luck tomorrow.”

“Already on it!” said Tim. “My mom’s from Texas too. There’s a place we could go, say late afternoon? They supposedly have killer cornbread.”

…The DJ chose that moment to play “Concentration Moon” by Frank Zappa’s Mothers of Invention, a song intended as part of the group’s takedown of right-wing politics back in the day…

Oz said, “Come on, folks. Let’s not let this ruin a great party. We’ve got a little more than an hour before midnight, so freshen your drinks and get ready to pucker up!”

When Genie and I emerged from the restroom with fresh lipstick, karaoke started up again. Tim sang Sting’s “Moon Over Bourbon Street,” and Rowdy unfortunately followed with Ozzy Osbourne’s “Bark at the Moon.” Oz declined to join in.

…After that, the DJ took over again, and Owen asked me to dance [to “Blue Moon”].

“Don’t be blue tonight, Rowan. You feel so good in my arms.”

I wanted to say the same but was afraid it would sound cheesy, given my grip on his biceps, not to mention his ability to “listen between the lines.” Instead I said, “You know, the first time we met, I don’t remember your eyes being so—”

“Strangely purple?”

“Yes, but they’re beautiful.”

“Thank you.” He smiled that secret smile. “On Earth I tend to wear contacts in public so my eyes appear a normal dark brown. It makes me look less like some fantasy man in a historical romance novel. You know how they always describe eyes as being the color of gemstones, like amethysts?”

…“How is it an astrophysicist knows about romance novels?”

“I read a lot.” His smile grew mischievous. “I’d like to read more about this amazing Luna Moth Woman character and her adventures. I bet she has beautiful blue-green eyes. Kind of like those diamonds in your ears.”

Then he kissed me.

It was so surprising and consuming and delicious, all I could utter when it was over was, “But it’s not yet midnight.”

“Marines go first,” Owen responded.

…I had hopes this kiss would remain our secret. But as we walked off, Genie intercepted me on the way to the bathroom.

“I want to know what he tastes like,” she demanded, gripping my arm. “I’ll bet blackberries, given that hair and those eyes. And that smile of his after he kissed you!”

“I had no idea it would happen! That guy is one stealth bomber. It’s always the quiet ones you have to worry about in that regard. What is it with me? I can’t get away from Marines…”

…“Let’s get champagne. We don’t want to miss midnight!”

“But you’ve already been kissed. And from the looks of you, it was a whopper!”

We headed back to our little group, and Red handed me a glass of champagne as “Midnight Moon” by the Firm played. There was a countdown, and they lowered the red-orb mirror ball. It swirled, scattering twinkling light throughout the room.

…Afterward the DJ played Tom Waits’ “Drunk on the Moon,” a fitting end to the night.


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