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Gun Fetishists, Unmitigated Greed, and the Pathological Pursuit of Power

Three years ago in late May, just before Memorial Day, I wrote a newspaper column titled, “Patriots stand in front of a gun, not behind gun rights.” I was living in an insidiously toxic place called Lyon County in Nevada at the time, where that March all five county commissioners voted to declare it a “Second Amendment sanctuary.”

One of those commissioners, who isn’t too bright but likes to play lawyer every chance he gets when it comes to the Second Amendment, is now running for state office. Because apparently, he can’t stand it that he doesn’t control how those of us in Clark County vote.

This week an entire classroom of fourth graders and their teachers were gunned down by an 18-year-old male who was able to easily purchase weapons of war known as AR-15s because this was Texas, and the governor and senators there are all about making assault weapons easier to obtain than reproductive freedom for females. Unborn cells must be “saved” so that, once they become actual born persons, they can one day be gunned down in the public schools of the Lone Star state.

Is this what the founding fathers meant by a well-regulated militia? Is America great yet?

I’ve previously written herein about this plague of gun-mongering sociopaths. But this time, I’ll share excerpts from that May 2019 column, in which I wondered why anyone would abuse their official status to shill for the NRA, an organization that promotes domestic terrorism.

I noted therein how it was comical that a county commissioner spent his money, and urged Lyon County residents to spend theirs, on NRA membership because, as this guy so proudly declared at an official meeting, “the liberals hate” the NRA.

Ironically, the NRA was, at the time, being criminally investigated for financial mismanagement, not to mention fighting a legal battle against its own advertising firm whose idea of public relations was stirring racial tension with culture wars.

Here’s some of what I had to say about that three years ago:

Obscenely highly paid NRA executives are currently struggling to prove they’re abiding by laws governing tax exempt organizations. It could be because they’re not. They’ve got scandal-plagued Ollie North (what could possibly go wrong there?), who had to step down as NRA president, embattled with NRA Chief Executive Wayne LaPierre as they fire off claims of corruption at each other. Everything from sexual harassment to squandering NRA funds on fancy suits. This while elitist LaPierre eschews elitists, not at his own arrogant expense, but at the expense of NRA members paying for his designer togs.

Meanwhile the Russian government is laughing all the way to our voting booths at how it can so easily manipulate and use NRA leadership for subterfuge. The joke’s on you, dues-paying NRA members. But it’s not at all funny how America is paying for this traitorous stupidity.

Do you know what’s not even remotely amusing? Three mass shootings in 11 days in the US, on April 27, April 30, and May 7…How many more gun-wielding blood-baths in schools and places of worship must we endure as a people?

These victims of gun violence are lauded as heroes, and they are, but why should their lives and the lives of far too many others be sacrificed so selfish public officials like our five Lyon County commissioners can continue to demand an individual gun fetish be above everything and everyone else? Believing NRA lies and misdirection about the Second Amendment and how it’s interpreted by the Supreme Court…all five claim to be proud Republicans, but they have naught to be proud of.

This Memorial Day I’ll honor those who’ve given their lives protecting others from gun-toting Americans because they died fighting a war wrought by domestic terrorists. They bravely and unselfishly threw themselves in front of a gun rather than devoting their lives to lowdown cowardly gun rights for themselves. They are the true patriots.

In March 2019, I wrote a column titled, “Lyon County needs sanctuary from stupidity.” Today, so does the entire state of Texas and the rest of the US as gun mongers drag us down into their depravity. In that column about Lyon County declaring itself a Second Amendment “sanctuary,” I noted:

Meanwhile, more Americans have been killed by guns since 1968 than all US wars combined, with 1.5 million dying by gun-related incidents to 1.2 military member deaths. Not to mention the deadliest mass shooting in modern history occurred right here in Nevada in 2017. Perhaps Lyon County commissioners should look up the meaning of “sanctuary,” as in a place of refuge or safety. What we need is sanctuary from selfish stupidity.

We need sanctuary from greed mongering gun fetishists and the money they take from the NRA to continue to allow atrocities to be easily committed by Americans against Americans, especially children in schools. Republican senators, fifty in number, are the culprits. Nothing but depraved, disgusting, sniveling cowards among them. And that Texas governor who prides himself on making slaughter of innocent children so much easier, when will he stand trial for the crimes he’s been indicted for?

How many repugnant, greedy, power mongering Republicans will speak and gloat about their success at the NRA convention taking place this Friday in Houston? Where guns won’t be permitted when their corrupt cult leader takes the stage, because it would be too dangerous for the dude who’s terrified of hurled tomatoes.

They should all be forced to see the carnage they have willfully contributed to. Because it’s a lot worse than smashed fruit. It’s blood on their hands that will never wash away, no matter how much money or power they continue to accrue in their appallingly pathetic, pathologically demented lives.


4 thoughts on “Gun Fetishists, Unmitigated Greed, and the Pathological Pursuit of Power”

  1. As I native Texan I’m thoroughly disgusted with the so-called “leaders” this state has. All they care about is their guns. How can the self-righteous Republicans claim they are pro-life when they champion “the more guns a person has, the better”? They only care about babies and once that baby is born, the hell with it.

    1. Lauryne Wright

      Thanks for commenting, cousin. My heart is broken for you and those in Texas who don’t support this depravity of gun worship. Hugs to you.

  2. As the niece of a teacher, a cousin to two teachers (daughter or the teacher and her husband) I am terrified every time I hear of a mass shooting at a school my breath stops in my throat until I see where it is. Then my heart stops for all the lives lost.

    I do not know what we need to do, I mean mass shooting in schools have bee around since the 1920’s, but the ban on assault rifles was a start. But when it it expired it couldn’t get pushed back through. There is no reason for anyone outside a military base to own an assault rifle. Or if you are a collector, and can prove it, here, have your rifle, but no, I am sorry, we do not sell the amo for that gun. You may diplay it, show it off, but no need to target practice with it.

    As a pacifist if would prefer no guns, as a realist I know that is impossible, we live in america, it is as much of our landscape as the trees we plant where they don’t always belong, but there have got to be regulations. The Red Laws that most most states have should be federal and followed by every gun seller in every city, town, township and community. or they lose their licence and don’t EVER get it back.

    And we begin with a ban on assault rifles. Please….

    1. Lauryne Wright

      Banning assault rifles would be a good start. I come from a line of former teachers, too, in Texas, including my mother. Funny how they have no respect for public school teachers’ ability to teach, but these idiots like Cruz think low-paid, disrespected teachers should be armed and act as security guards or police in the classroom. As if losing their lives to an ungrateful mass of repugnant Republicans isn’t enough. And gosh, maybe they should take some of that money poured into “SWAT teams” for small towns and put into towards actually education, or at least something useful. Because the SWAT team in Uvalde, Texas sure as hell wasn’t.

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