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I’m Done Being Quiet About Blatant Racists

This week’s post is brought to you a tad late due to last week’s crashed laptop. Perhaps the now worthless electronic device was reacting to energy emanating from me known as rage, much like my Other Worldly series protagonist with extraordinary electromagnetic energy. I wish mine could zap microphones the way Rowan Layne can.

What am I raging about? Blatant and ubiquitous racism, misogyny, and ignorance. In these times, that’s unfortunately all too prevalent, inducing angst with far too much regularity.

First let me preface this by saying that one of my favorite things from President Biden’s January 11 kickass speech was his assertion that he’s done being quiet. Me, too.

I’m done being quiet about those who try to silence me because I discuss racism in my novels and speak about my work in public forums.

I’m done being quiet and playing nice with certain folks because a) they are blatant bigots and proud of it, so they don’t cotton to me addressing racism as a negative, or b) they are racist and won’t admit or recognize it but tend to attack me as being “political” when I address racism.

Just because one of two US political parties—repugnant Republicans—is now fully aligned with racists, neo-Nazis, white supremacists and white nationalists, that doesn’t mean racism is a political issue. Because racism is not mere politics. Racism is ignorant hatred born of insecurity and stupidity.

Civil liberties, civil rights, and basic human decency are not “political.” They are fundamental to our existence. Just as voting is a fundamental right per the Constitution. Yet another issue racists in Congress have tried to coin as politics.

I’m done being quiet about toxic racists who try to gaslight me and others, telling us there is no racism anymore in this nation. They and their ilk, both male and female, will tell also you there’s no misogyny and women aren’t under attack, politically or socially.

Whether they realize it or not, bigots don’t get to self-servingly decide if racism exists, or if it’s experienced by anyone else. And if a white person pathetically claims they’re being “reverse-discriminated” against because they aren’t exalted as the center of everyone else’s universe, they might be a full-fledged racist.

I’m done with racists, both closeted and patently proud, telling me I talk too much in order to suppress my voice, which they choose to color as merely “political.” Because I’m clearly hitting too close to the marrow known as racism deeply embedded in their bigoted bones.

Earlier this week we celebrated the enlightened life of Martin Luther King, Jr. A courageous and righteous man who tried valiantly to enlighten the rest of us. On Monday I saw this post on Twitter: How you view Colin Kaepernick today is how you would have viewed Martin Luther King, Jr. back in the day.

Pretty much says it all.

It’s racism, and those who so proudly embrace it, that need silencing. Racism is nothing to be proud of.

P.S. If you’re too much of a selfish misogynist bigot to wear a mask to protect others, especially one particularly pernicious and repugnant Supreme Court justice, you are the problem. And it’s not political. It’s pathological.

P.P.S. Suppressing the vote is the goal of white supremacy. The filibuster is not in the Constitution, it’s a Jim Crow tool being used to corrosively and corruptly stack the Supreme Court while pushing an agenda of racists, including the senate minority leader who apparently thinks only white folk are real Americans.

When racists tell you who they are, believe them. And don’t keep quiet about it anymore.

4 thoughts on “I’m Done Being Quiet About Blatant Racists”

  1. Omg. This may be your best ever. My bp went up reading every word. So very true. So very to the point. So very depressing!!! You should be on the radio! Xo

  2. I agree with every word. I saw what that old white dude said a few minutes ago and about lost my mind! How can you be that hateful, that dumb and be in the public service for as long as he has? Has he learned nothing about watching what comes out his mouth?? I am sure his handlers where having minor and major heartaches as he spoke the words.

    “How you view Colin Kaepernick today is how you would have viewed Martin Luther King, Jr. back in the day.” I am not sure if this is good things? But I always have felt it was non violent, respectful and yet makes a very strong statement.
    Thank you for posting this. (by the way I turned my sister on your books and she loves them.)

    1. Thanks. As for the Kaepernick reference, I was addressing all the whining I saw on FB about how he was ruining football. Those who vilified him for taking a knee in protest of racial injustice would not have embraced MLK back in the day. I support Colin Kaepernick and always will. I am no longer a fan of the NFL.

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