Is Anyone Out There?

Lately I feel like I’m sending a message into outer space in hopes of an alien response when I post to this blog, because the only comments I’ve gotten from “readers” in many months is in Russian. Seriously. I just deleted the last two before posting this.

That, or “comments” turn out to be exceedingly lengthy spam (in English) attempting to advertise pharmaceuticals. I suppose the Russian spam could also be shilling Viagra, but I’m not having any of their unsolicited crap translated, so I don’t know.

I’ll also never know if Russian bots are threatening me, because the posts they repeatedly glom onto are always from many months ago, but uncannily have headlines with “SCOTUS” or “Clarence Thomas” in them.

This week I’ve been avoiding writing about SCOTUS, not because of the inevitable Russian response (a few months down the road and many posts later), but due to the very real possibility that my head might explode.

Five years ago, in October 2019, my final newspaper column as I was (happily) leaving rural central Nevada raised alarms about SCOTUS. Here’s an excerpt:

Perhaps the worst corruption surrounding the Supreme Court itself involves machinations by…billionaires and special interest groups and a horde of Republican senators to stack the Court in their favor by whatever means necessary, whether criminal, unconstitutional or unethical. This especially includes the last two appointments of justices to the Court…Those responsible for ramrodding this disgusting spectacle on the American people have already lost all integrity.

The newspaper powers-that-be (Gannett Media) changed my column headline to a mealy-mouthed, “There is some erosion of Supreme Court integrity.” Sheesh. Talk about hedging. And boy howdy were they burying their heads in the sand, because not only was I prescient and right (as opposed to right-wing), I was being too nice.

Back in 1991, I realized that both the Republican Party and SCOTUS were doing down, and decided they weren’t taking me with them. I watched in appalled disgust as senators treated Anita Hill with blatant misogyny and derision and thought a sexual-harasser scumbag like Clarence Thomas should replace Thurgood Marshall on what is supposed to be the highest court in this nation—not the most corrupt and contemptible.

But never did I ever imagine that when the repugnant Republican Party met its demise along with the integrity and credibility of SCOTUS, that both would be blatantly and proudly seeking to take our democracy down with them, destroying our Constitution in a dumpster fire— along with their professional and personal ethics.

I also hadn’t imagined a more misogynist religious fanatic hypocrite justice than Antonin Scalia, but Samuel Alito said hold my beer—along with any shred of human decency he might have ever possessed before he anointed himself a vicious, nasty god of epic and vile proportions.

Hence, here I am writing about SCOTUS, but the Russians and Republicans on Putin’s payroll in Congress will never know, because today’s blog post headline doesn’t give that away. And my head hasn’t exploded, but it does hurt, along with my heart.

I feel a tad like one of those annoying people on Twitter (yes, I still call it that) who haplessly beg for followers instead of earning them by posting something relevant, but it might do my heart good to actually hear from real, live readers regarding an occasional post. I used to, but these days it’s only Russians and scammers.

Back in March I silently celebrated the three-year anniversary of this Luna Moth Woman blog while paying (more than expected) to renew with the web host for three more years. I’ve also vowed to keep posting every week about my Other Worldly series, worldly events, and writing in general.

So, if you’re out there—human or extraterrestrial—and inclined to drop a word or two of positive interaction, I’d love to hear from you.




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