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Lady’s Liberty: Hijacked on a Hypocritical Highway

I’d like to write about fun stuff like intergalactic travel and fierce feminist adventures. I want to promote my latest Other Worldly novel with entertaining tidbits and titillating trailers of fabulous and fantastical destinations.

But skies have grown ominously cloudy and driving conditions for women in America have become even more hazardous. It’s hailing male tyranny in great big hypocritical chunks. And females are the target of tyrannical tailgaters.

Somewhere along the sick, twisted patriarchal highway, men succumbed to their egocentric inability to accept that only females can give birth. These maniacal males deemed themselves the superior gender because they couldn’t handle women in the driver’s seat once they spilled their manly seed. So they decreed that women couldn’t work, obtain higher education, vote, or own property.

Females would be seen as lesser creatures in every way in order to assuage these easily threatened males.

There was a time when women didn’t drive, and in some countries, they still aren’t allowed to get behind the wheel. Indeed, females were and still are held as chattel through marriage. A highway chain gang forced into the slave labor of procreation.

Today, women are not held as equal in the workplace, or in the home, by government and by the very males they gave birth to. In Texas, which might as well be renamed Taliban, females are nothing more than host bodies with no personal autonomy, deserving of no respect for what they and only they can do. A species to be hunted for bounty and shunned by sanctimonious society for biological choices.

And, as always, males are never held accountable for their role in impregnating females, consensually or otherwise. Because they can’t have their liberty hindered by physiological facts. They can’t be responsible for their own actions while they’re making decisions for everyone else. That might involve consulting a constitutional map, or asking for directions. They’d have to admit they’re lost in a quagmire of deluded derision, and have been for thousands of years.

For Texas with its criminally indicted governor, and for blathering evangelicals, Federalist Society members and other right-wing religious fanatics, females must have magically had their eggs fertilized by some mysterious miracle. And only women can be brought to bear for the consequences of pregnancy, and forced to bear a child that a man may not consider his in terms of financial or emotional support.

When it comes to impregnating females, the American male is essentially allowed to drive without insurance and ignore stop signs or red lights. Not to mention their entitlement to flee the scene of accidents with impunity.

I’ve written about the legal arguments on the timing of viability of life, and warned about religious extremists being stacked onto the Supreme Court. I covered this dire issue years ago, and I wasn’t alone in sounding a fundamentalist siren about the desecration of separation of church and state and the gutting of female autonomy and the right to privacy under the penumbra of the Ninth Amendment.

I addressed landmark Supreme Court decisions such as 1992’s Planned Parenthood v. Casey, miles and lightyears beyond the poorly crafted Roe v. Wade, which was more about the rights of male doctors to perform abortions than it was about a female’s ability to make decisions about her own body, and her life.

As Justice Sandra Day O’Connor said in Planned Parenthood v. Casey, “The ability of women to participate equally in the economic and social life of the nation has been facilitated by their ability to control their reproductive lives.”

I see no need to further spouse on the timing of conception, or the tooling of religious dogma by Supreme Court justices violating their oath to uphold the Constitution versus their personal faith-based beliefs. I’m done with U-turn attempts to return to and keep females in the dark ages.

I’m tired, I’m angry, and I’m not willing to listen to anymore insipid wailing about Jesus taking the wheel. About a male “father” figure, a damning deity who blames women for all sins of the world.

I’m not, nevertheless, out of fuel, but arguing with bigoted zealots is futile. Because it’s blatantly obvious that it is not about the sanctity of human life. It’s not about the unborn, or the definition of people under the Constitution requiring actual birth to achieve that status.

It’s about control. It always was. That and camouflage to hide racist intent behind any number of issues, including preventing a lack of diversity at Bob Jones University. If you want to track a timeline as to when the religious right became abortion obsessed, look no further than when they were told they had to stop racial discrimination at federally funded institutions. That’s where this politically motivated traffic jam began.

We’re no longer driving over railroad tracks after it’s not safe to do so. We’re not headed for a train wreck. We’re already there. The rights of women are scattered along a hazardous highway, and liberty and justice for all is a destination that never was. Because men made sure that bridge collapsed before it was ever designed.

Women were left out of the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution. And men decided thousands of years ago that their god was male and they were therefore superior to all females.

Except men can’t give birth. Who is to blame for that? Their so-called male god?

So now men have decided to force others to do that which they cannot, while they claim females are not as intelligent or capable as they are. The weaker sex. How tellingly convenient. How diabolical demented.

These conniving males are headed for one giant pothole on a crumbling thoroughfare. A meteor shower of litigation looms on the horizon. Because in 2021, the unborn don’t fall within the definition of people under the Constitution, but grown women most certainly do.

Women are well-seasoned road warriors, and we’ve been down this pathological path before. If you treat your vehicle, your “host body” with no respect, it might just run you down, or leave you stranded by the side of a lonely road.

Fasten your seat belts. Because Lady Liberty has had quite enough of crash dummies attempting to control the universe and everyone in it.

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