Nevada Fake Electors Finally Indicted

Last week on December 6 we learned that the rule of law was finally being upheld in Nevada by Attorney General Aaron Ford via a Clark County Grand Jury indictment of six fake Trump electors.

Of course, it was difficult to celebrate this momentous occasion coming on the heels of another mass shooting the very same day in Las Vegas, this time on the campus of the University of Nevada. Perpetrated by a 60-year-old disgruntled degenerate white man whose apparent motivation for his murderous gun spree was being turned down for a job as a professor.

Yet another American male who seemingly believed he was entitled to never be told no or to not have things go his way.

Kind of like five of the six fake electors in Nevada—because one of them was actually female—but all apparently felt they were entitled to trample on voting rights of Nevada Democrats by engaging in a criminal conspiracy to cheat and therefore erase a Biden victory they damn well knew had legitimately occurred in the Silver State.

The six fake electors include two men previously mentioned in this blog, Michael James McDonald (Chairman of the Nevada Republican Party), and James Walter DeGraffenreid (Vice Chairman of Nevada Republicans), as well as Jesse Reed Law, Durward James Hindle III (which kind of sounds like a good fictitious villain name for my Other Worldly novels), Shawn Michael Meehan, and Eileen A. Rice.

The six fake electors were charged with “offering a false instrument for filing or record” and “uttering forged instruments”—as in forgery—both committed in December 2020.

The Clark County Grand Jury indictment states that the defendants knowingly offered a false or forged instrument titled CERTIFICATE OF THE VOTES OF THE 2020 ELECTORS FROM NEVADA, to be filed, registered or recorded in the office of the President of the US Senate, and/or the Archivist of the US, and/or the Nevada Secretary of State, and/or the Chief Judge of the District Court of the District of Nevada.

The Clark County Grand Jury concluded these six defendants are criminally liable by directly committing this crime and/or pursuant to a conspiracy to commit this crime, with the intent that this crime be committed. Because what they did was in fact a crime, regardless of whether the Nevada governor thinks so.

I previously wrote about this in my August 21 blog post titled,  “Does Nevada’s Governor Support Racketeering & Fraud?” It was initially about the Fulton County, GA, indictment, which happened to mention how the criminal conspiracy to commit election fraud also operated in other states, including Nevada.

I noted in my August 21 post how the Georgia indictment stated that overt acts in furtherance of this criminal conspiracy occurred on or about December 10, 2020, when Kenneth John Chesebro sent an email to Nevada Republican Vice Chairman Jim DeGraffenreid stating that Rudy Giuliani and others associated with the Trump campaign asked him “to reach out to you and the other Nevada electors to run point on the plan to have all Trump-Pence electors in all six contested States to meet and transmit their votes to Congress on Monday December 14.”

Here’s the thing. In my blog post of August 21 I asked, how many conspiratorial criminal acts does Nevada need to finally act upon? Because, as I also mentioned, Nevada’s Attorney General Aaron Ford said in May that his office would not be pursuing prosecution against Nevada’s fake electors.

Did the Fulton County, GA, indictment change this by mentioning one of Nevada’s fake electors by name?

One also supposes Attorney General Ford realized all along that there are existing crimes on the books the fraudulent forgers could be indicted for, despite Nevada’s Governor Lombardo having vetoed a bill that would have criminalized the act of submitting a false electoral slate.

Meanwhile, Governor Lombardo and his fellow MAGA Republicans in Nevada are busy granting sanction to guns and gun mongers while their actions appear to be aiding and abetting attempts to make voting more difficult for Democrats—and to dishonor legitimate votes for Democrats.

Does the governor have devious plans to pardon the six fake electors if criminally convicted by a jury of their peers in Clark County? You know, because he’s being told no on his apparent stance that they aren’t actual criminals by this latest grand jury indictment.

Perhaps instead the rule of law and justice will prevail in Nevada. At least we are now one step closer, with one additional titillating tidbit. Guess who is on the witness list attached to the Clark County Grand Jury indictment? None other than Kenneth Chesebro. The cheesy dude who solicited the fake Nevada electors to commit crimes in the first place. And one of the Fulton County, GA, criminal defendants who has cut a deal. MAGA manipulators in Nevada can’t do anything about that.

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