No Republican Einstein’s: Infinite Stupidity on Display

“Only two things are infinite. The universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.” So said Albert Einstein, born March 14, 1879. That date was ten days ago, therefore I’m late with this post, but these days for me, time is relative.

I know, a groan-worthy pun. But has anyone else had trouble finding their sense of humor this week? Does this Einstein quote ring painfully true when it comes to observing Republican senators writhing and frothing to outdo each other in a quest to discover who can display the most human stupidity and depravity?

It would seem that my timing in drafting a Congressional hearing scene in my latest novel, Alien Sensation, completed last weekend and launching in a few months, was quite prescient in that it involves unmitigated moronic members of Congress disrespecting themselves by showing no respect for others.

Authors of books about aliens under siege by anti-alien misogynist bigots don’t actually have to make stuff up when we have such stellar examples of human stupidity parading around pretending as if they knew something about the Constitution.

Because of course they think they couldn’t possibly know less than a woman, and a woman of color at that. They know so much it’s important that they interrupt her at every turn so she can’t speak and prove how much more she knows—about literally anything in the universe—than they do. Starting with knowing how to behave like a decent human being.

There are no Einstein’s serving Congress as members of the Republican Party. Indeed, the band witnessed on TV performing soundbites for their rabid base, instead of doing their Constitutional duty to conduct a hearing for a Supreme Court nominee, are about as densely stupid as they come. And apparently quite proud of it, wanting to share it with the world in every word and gesture and sickening, blatantly bigoted utterance.

This time it’s a judge who is actually qualified to sit on the highest court in our nation, now not so very lofty because of these very same hapless hacks. The sots who slobbered all over themselves to support three nominees of a criminal thug manipulated by an organization—the Federalist Society—appearing to relentlessly aim to replace our democracy with a religious autocracy controlled only by astoundingly arrogant racist misogynist males.

Perhaps, rather than wishing they all get sucked into a black hole of infinite proportions never to be heard from again, I should be glad, at least on some level, about this. It gives me infinite issues, ideas, and composites for vile villains to write about in my Other Worldly novels and beyond.

As I finished drafting Alien Sensation, fifth novel in my series, my thoughts inevitably drifted ahead to the next. Altogether Alien, the sixth and what I anticipate being the final story featuring Rowan Layne, post middle-aged female protagonist who experiences both constant derision and violent attacks from racist misogynists, some of them members of Congress.

Yet I have set the stage for the next generation of the otherworldly, and there is surely a plethora of issues, and plenty of pissant punks projecting their own devious deeds onto that of aliens and anyone who supports them, to keep me typing away.

War, ignorance, bigotry, violence, greed, misogyny, dangerous mental illness. And yes, blatant, gobsmacking stupidity. The age-old infinite battle of good versus evil. I’ll keep writing books because someone has to triumph in a timespan that doesn’t take as long as justice to prevail in the good ole USA.

Because seditionists have no place in Congress and are too stupid, their hubris so astronomically vast, to recognize they are not fit to ask questions of, much less interrupt and sneeringly disrespect, a woman whose dignity, strength, courage, and intelligence is lightyears away from anything they could ever hope to attempt to be.


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