Pentagon UFO Coverup: Who Can’t Handle the Truth?

Recent airing of UFO video footage filmed by naval aviators has allegedly resulted in retaliation by the Pentagon for their going public. But it should be neither the role nor the aim of the Department of Defense to hide, suppress, or otherwise lie about information obtained using military vessels and personnel.

In Alienable Rights, protagonist Rowan Layne, who once worked as a civilian for DoD, says to her former Navy officer father:

“Don’t get me wrong, Dad. I’m no whack-job conspiracy theorist. Having worked for the federal government, I know agencies aren’t organized enough for grand conspiracies. They’d have to actually communicate with each other. But this paternalistic, secretive crap has to stop. I don’t need big brother protecting me from little green men. I’m concerned about ‘national security’ used as a shield for any manner of constitutional rights violations.”

In other words, coverups are never good, whether about aliens, UFOs, or potentially nefarious or misguided intentions of our government. And any entity that will hide evidence of that which they don’t understand will also cover up proof of their own incompetence, wrongdoing, or failure.

Just who is it that can’t handle the truth, and why?

In the first book of my Other Worldly series, Alienable Rights, once news of aliens among us breaks, a lawyer advocating for alien rights says with respect to secrecy in the US, “Our government is holding us back. Limiting our freedoms by withholding or misdirecting information cobbled together over the years. You don’t need a passport to travel in outer space, and the government doesn’t like what it can’t control.”

A secretive, controlling government is not a good look for a democracy. Plus, the military is not one of our three governing branches. DoD is not in charge; it does not run this nation or the American people. And it does not own information it continues to suppress, any more than it owns aircraft or aviators.

The American taxpayer funds all fighter jets and aircraft carriers; they belong to we the people. Along with all military installations, including Area 51. Keeping such bases secure from industrial espionage is one thing. It’s another game entirely to hide evidence that we are not alone.

Is the problem that this recently released UFO footage does not indicate hostility towards American military aircraft? Such that the role of DoD is not enhanced by this non-antagonistic engagement? They don’t get to play cowboy and deploy military personnel to annihilate a Hollywood-hyped concept of evil aliens.

In Alienable Rights, a former Navy officer friend of Rowan Layne says of orbs piloted by aliens, “They’re not new to me. I’ve seen them here, and while I was in the Navy. And I wasn’t the only one who saw them, as well as other unidentifiable crafts. But we could never talk about it.”

Tyrannically suppressing voices of those honorably serving our military, both in uniform and civilians, does further discredit to DoD—and NASA. Working for the military or as an astronaut should not be akin to existing under a regime that will smear your reputation or otherwise silence you for speaking truth. These individuals serve the American people, not a dictatorial empire.

As Rowan Layne says to Congress in the most recent Other Worldly installment, Aliens Abound:

Knowledge and Peace. I am here to tell you that in this century, we as a species, as a nation, have lost sight of both, here on Earth and in our quests to space. Perhaps it’s because too many of us were weaned on movies and television depicting those who come from afar as threatening, dangerous. Alien entities to be feared, and reviled. And if you’re among those looking in terror to the skies for that evil overlord out to destroy America and all of Earth, look no further than what we’ve endured here on the ground for the last four years. Sowing the same seeds of hate that were planted deep in our soil, centuries ago.”

Coverups regarding UFOs are paternalistic and protectionist, and such subterfuge should not be trusted, especially when orchestrated by those tasked to serve, not to demand subservience. It should never be up to the Pentagon to decide what they think the American people can handle knowing.

DoD is not in charge of the truth, but they should be required to speak it. They’re not given exorbitant funding by Congress to condescendingly lie to Americans, or to manipulate information obtained as a result of that largess.



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