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Perfect Timing: Author Interview With Atmosphere Press

Last week my blog post addressed an author interview question I recently fielded, about potential sound tracks for my latest novel, Altogether Alien, which published this past spring. This week, I bring you the entire interview with the link attached below.

For this opportunity, I was among twenty authors selected from more than six hundred to answer questions online with the hybrid publisher Atmosphere Press, who may in fact be my new publishing option, if I can swing it.

Having a potential new and innovative avenue for future novels has made me pursue what I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I’m now revamping the first novel of my Other Worldly series, Alienable Rights. No earthshattering changes, I’m just cleaning it up to better mesh with the subsequent five novels, Feeling Alienated, Aliens Abound, Being Alien, Alien Sensation, and the aforementioned Altogether Alien.

Alienable Rights was written beginning at this exact time in November, back in 2017. After an overhaul in 2019 resulting in an entirely new second half of the story upon meeting with professionals at the Las Vegas Writer’s Conference, I published it in February 2020 without having used the fabulous professional editor I employed for the others, Ali Shaw at Indigo Editing.

At the time, I knew I wanted to write a series, but I had no idea where it would take me. For these reasons, and for those crazy maddening typos and glitches in timelines every author longs to go back and fix, I’ve decided to delve right in to making Alienable Rights a better beginning for what is now the Other Worldly series.

Although I still have novels planned for my feisty and now-over-sixty protagonist Rowan Layne and her alien, fae, and hybrid-human pals—my current work in progress Aliens Watch, plus one more tentatively titled Alien Origins—it seemed the right time to go back to where it all started. And perhaps begin anew with book one in terms of embracing a new publishing option like Atmosphere Press.

Ironically, in Aliens Watch, currently in the works and now moving full steam ahead, going back in time with hope for the future is a concept Rowan Layne will explore, with a twist. For now, here’s the link to my recent author interview with Atmosphere Press, and thanks for reading:

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