Navy drone looks like a flying saucer

Projected Alien Aggression and Reverse Engineering of UFOs

In Being Alien, recently launched fourth novel of the Other Worldly series, protagonist Rowan Layne notes, “I couldn’t help but wish our government would reverse engineer indestructible nontoxic materials instead of alien spacecraft, of which their prototypes were cluelessly burning fossil fuels.”

If anyone doubts the US government is reverse engineering extraterrestrial technology at fortresses such as Area 51 or “Groom Lake” in Nevada, look no further than the Navy drone image featured in this blog post. Flying saucer much?

Then there’s the Stealth Bomber, or Northrop B-2 Spirit. An American heavy strategic bomber featuring low observable stealth technology designed to penetrate dense anti-aircraft defenses. But it only has a top speed of 628 mph, so it’s no match for astounding UFO speeds witnessed by US naval aviators.

Yet if you’ve ever observed one of these black triangles swooping overhead, the creepy feeling—and lack of sound—is downright otherworldly. And it kind of resembles a bat. So if our government isn’t examining UFOs for design inspiration, perhaps it’s busy scrutinizing enhanced capabilities of known creatures of the natural world.

All kidding aside, reverse engineering is defined as the reproduction of another manufacturer’s product upon detailed examination of its construction or composition. A common practice used by both private industry and the federal government in an effort to keep up with and surpass the competition.

But what if the competition is otherworldly?

After all, Pentagon officials have reluctantly admitted to the media that the military has secretly studied UFO “incidents” with a partial goal of figuring out the technology involved. Hush-hush Pentagon studies such as Project Blue Book were pursued to determine the physics of UFOs, to unlock mysteries of how these crafts can seemingly achieve the scientifically impossible.

Maybe it’s because I’ve personally observed a flying saucer on a lonely road in west central Nevada in the dark of night, as well as a few invasive, privacy-breaching government drones in broad daylight, that I see such seemingly obvious connections and draw inherent conclusions.

The saucer-shaped UFO I witnessed in 2012 didn’t appear to be a drone. It could disappear in a flash from a cloudless sky. Last I heard, Pentagon stealth capability doesn’t include a Klingon cloaking device. Though this flying saucer was eerily silent, like the Stealth Bomber.

There’s one US drone, however, which features in the third novel of my Other Worldly series, Aliens Abound, that does not appear to resemble extraterrestrial aircraft because, for starters, it’s goofy looking. But not at all harmless.

The MQ-9 Reaper. An exceedingly invasive unmanned aerial vehicle used in Iraq and Afghanistan by the Air Force and the CIA. And also unfortunately employed by the previous thug of a presidential administration to spy on and intimidate American protesters peacefully exercising their Constitutional rights in the summer of 2020. Not in the pages of a novel or on the silver screen, but in real life. On US soil.

MQ-9 Reapers have 500-pound bombs attached to them, despite being unmanned and remotely operated by humans supposedly employed as peacekeepers for the US Air Force. Should we call them reapers too?

In Aliens Abound, a superpowered alien notes, “Does anyone else have a problem with a president employing a remotely piloted, heavily loaded aircraft system to track whereabouts of Rowan Layne so secret police can snatch her and her mother right off of—not the streets of Baghdad or Kabul—but the Las Vegas Strip?”

As my protagonist Rowan Layne learned, Creech Air Force base, located an hour outside of Las Vegas, specializes in these unmanned aerial vehicles capable of mass destruction and human death. Vehicles recently responsible for the death of noncombatants and children in Afghanistan, which happened not in my novel, but once again in real life.

If the US government has engaged in reverse engineering of alien spacecraft, funny how the end result includes bombing capabilities that don’t appear to emulate aliens. After all, none of those numerous US military UFO encounters involved weapons aggressively deployed against humans. Or bombs dropped.

Despite the reality that far too many humans see aliens as out to destroy Earth thanks mostly to movies, it wasn’t extraterrestrials who dropped a nuclear bomb in the American southwest to test its atrociously gruesome capabilities. A human horror story.

The first ever nuclear bomb was detonated in Los Alamos New Mexico in 1945 as part of the Manhattan Project, known as the Trinity test and driven by the fear that Nazi Germany would soon have such maniacal capability. Not aliens, mind you, but all-too-human inhumane creatures known as Nazis.

The Trinity nuclear test plunged us into the so-called Atomic age. Atomic being a euphemism for nuclear, giving it an advanced, alien-sounding aura to it, like we’d all soon be flitting around in fabulous spaceships.

Three weeks after the Trinity test, the US dropped two more nuclear bombs on two Japanese cities—and on many humans—in retaliation for the non-nuclear attack on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii four years prior.

The nuclear arms race ensued, and still plays out its exorbitantly expensive and ugly game of chicken to this day, regardless of who signs or doesn’t sign a treaty.

Meanwhile, the Pentagon has always viewed UFOs as a national security threat. While hard evidence suggests it is humans who reap predictably violent, revenge-seeking aggression.

Unlike the Department of Defense, my novels don’t project military marauding tendencies onto the intent or motivation of aliens.

Yet aliens might have every right to view humans as deserving targets of retribution for our destructive deeds. Here we are, shamelessly destroying our own planet while we seek to dominate our solar system through a Space Force, an arm of the US military industrial complex that builds drones with 500-pound bombs attached and maintains advanced nuclear weapons capabilities.

But sure, it’s those evil aliens who are out to annihilate planet Earth and its inhabitants.



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