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UFOs Exist No Matter What You Call Them

It’s time to blog about UFOs again, because waiting for the next indictment or Supreme Court decision to drop is tedious, and because I recently saw a refreshing piece on cable TV news wherein none other than NASA claims we need to build our own scientific data on UFOs to look for things that go beyond human physics. As my Other Worldly series protagonist Rowan Layne would say, ya think?

Fact is, up to 5 percent of UFO sightings remain a mystery, and that statistic is based upon the number of sightings actually reported or documented. Think of how many go unreported due to the stigma of people making you out to be crazy.

I should know. I’ve seen UFOs. And unlike the government, I still call them UFOs, for Unidentified Flying Objects, as opposed to the newfangled “UAP” for Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon, because I suspect this new acronym is designed to sound more credible to a populace that inevitably makes jokes about aliens and UFOs, not taking any of it seriously. Their loss.

After all, it’s a reality that our NASA astronauts as well as US military aviators have been witnessing UFOs and their astonishing feats for decades. The Department of Defense finally recently admitted this. Took them long enough. Some of us have our own proof.

The first time I saw a UFO, a glowing red orb swooping from sand to sky with incredible speed and no sound, was in rural central Nevada a few months after I moved there. Around 3:30 am while I let my dog out to pee. My cat at the time saw it too and looked askance at me.

In Alienable Rights, I wrote about what was witnessed in the dark of night where the Milky Way is often visible. Indeed, it’s my personal experience with seeing UFOs in Nevada circa 2012 that led me to begin drafting that first installment of my Other Worldly series back in 2017.

Now up to six books and counting, I’ve tackled many subjects related to that sighting, including who might be piloting such a craft. I’ve also noted how it’s funny that the government is interested in this fascinating physics-defying technology that far surpasses our own, but steadfastly resists addressing who these strange vessels belong to. They’re likely concerned that someone will accuse them of searching for “little green men.” Sheesh.

I cover all of it in my Other Worldly series, so I was curious about a recent CNN news post on Twitter that involved the Las Vegas area where I now reside. I haven’t observed UFOs here (the outside house lights glaring at night in my over-55 residential community are so ridiculously bright you probably wouldn’t know if you were seeing them anyway), but others apparently have seen things they can’t fathom.

Because someone in this city saw a glowing green orb plus a ten-foot-tall creature that ostensibly emerged from this UFO. Folks have supposedly responded viciously, including death threats.

My response? I’m tackling the subject of very tall creatures (think Bigfoot aka Sasquatch) in the next novel, Aliens Watch, publishing likely next year. I haven’t seen them myself, but that doesn’t mean I don’t believe others have.

Also, lately there’s been this inane question posed on Twitter about why UFO sightings only occur in the US? They do occur elsewhere on our planet. America isn’t the center of the universe.

And there are a lot of highly insecure folks in this nation who can’t handle anything they can’t shoot willy-nilly with their ridiculously paranoid arsenal of firearms. I write about that, too, because it’s usually humans and not aliens who are the violent, destructive bad guys.

On that note, I’ll end this post with a joke also included in my OW novels. What’s the difference between NASA and Space Force? The answer: Intelligence versus aggression. As Rowan Layne would say, boy howdy!

This world, this Earth, this nation called the good ole USA, could use a lot more intelligence and a lot less bullying, about aliens, UFOs, and everything else. And Happy Juneteenth. Maybe someday, the racists will grow up and stop making fun of that too, because it’s already getting old.

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