UFOs: Proof is in the Eyewitness

After the recent airing of Pentagon video footage of UFOs obtained by military aviators, there’s been a bit of shaky-ground back-peddling—from our federal government. Gee, what a surprise. And an eye-rolling disappointment.

To wit, no one wants to go out on a limb and call them UFOs, despite that’s precisely what they are.

UFO, after all, stands for unidentified flying object. And the Pentagon has admitted, though it took them long enough, that these peculiar crafts with extraordinary capabilities are not identifiable as any form of US experimental technology.

Yet, instead of sticking with the bald truth right before their eyes, the hedging ensues. Tap-dancing about how it could possibly-maybe-but-they’re-not-sure, it could be aircraft developed by another nation.

Unfortunately, you hear media members chiming in with this coy caveat, which gets elevated on social media, as if it somehow makes sense.

Does anyone think that, say, China or Russia would or could keep it a secret if they had aircraft capable of traveling at speeds of more than 3,000 miles per hour, saucers that remain flying in the air for extended periods of time without the need for refueling that US aircraft require?

Plus, given how these mysterious crafts have been buzzing around our heavily weaponized fighter jets, isn’t it possible our foreign adversaries would provoke us to start something they could blame on aliens?

You know, those evil creatures that Hollywood and most everyone else apparently sees as the aggressor coming to destroy Earth. Except we are both haplessly and willfully doing a mighty fine job of that on our own.

Our government has spent millions to study the potential existence of UFOs without discussing who is behind such technology. Not to mention who’s flying them.

Yet, when the Pentagon has concrete evidence of UFOs from credible eyewitnesses, the powers that be look the other way. Conveniently without noting that these unknown entities have not been aggressors. Not antagonistic, not violent, not stupid.

The worst are government officials on down to self-anointed social media experts demanding absolute proof that UFOs and aliens exist. They can’t define what “absolute” is, but they’ll know it when they see it, and the proof has to track with their current understanding of science—as if we humans, and especially Americans, are the center of the universe.

Someone on Twitter concluded, “The video footage has to be fake, because aircraft can’t fly that fast.”  And the Earth is flat because everything doesn’t slide off of it.

Is it fear that makes too many respond with denial couched in immature jokes when confronted with evidence of alien activity in our midst? That, or they deride others as silly conspiracy theorists to camouflage their own discomfort, not to mention an unwillingness to open their minds to the reality that we are likely not the only sentient beings in the vast universe.

Humans only see and comprehend what they want to, and selective perception, if not downright myopia, runs rampant in the good ole USA. Yet outright and obvious lies about concrete truths are spewed, with far too many Americans willing to believe and perpetrate them—and do incredibly stupid, violent things on behalf of.

Will the next entity to be blamed by white nationalists for their January 6 insurrection be aliens of the extraterrestrial kind?

In Alienable Rights, first novel of my Other Worldly series, protagonist Rowan Layne writes in her newspaper column:

There are people who demand absolute proof of aliens and spaceship landings when they know not the mysteries of their own brains and bodies.

Plenty of folks willingly accept that a deity from the “heavens” created humans and everything in the universe without ever once demanding scientific proof. They speak of miracles with no factual evidence. If a god created the universe, would that not include extraterrestrial beings?

And if we in America consider that “Creator” to have endowed what was created with inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, not to mention free will, then who are we or anyone else to decree that aliens don’t belong here and are not deserving of the same autonomy we bestow ourselves?

Like Rowan Layne, some of us have our own personal proof. We’ve seen UFOs—orbs, saucers and more—right here in Nevada. And they weren’t US military aircraft.

Unless, perhaps, our government is attempting to reverse-engineer technology they have absolute proof of, but won’t admit it.

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