Unidentified orb in sky

Unidentifiable Orb Appears Among F-16s

Last Saturday morning I binge-watched a UFO show on the Travel Channel, beginning with a program that featured mysterious orb-like crafts observed in the vicinity of US military aircraft. Apparently it’s a prolific thing. Check out the (enlarged) photo accompanying this blog post.

I watched this UFO program because for three days prior, I’d been happily photographing the US Air Force Thunderbirds, what’s known as an air demonstration team or a formal flying acrobatic team, practicing directly overhead in my community while I walked my dog. The Thunderbirds are stationed at nearby Nellis Air Force Base, and usually practice this time of year, pretty much every year during the first week in March, it would seem.

Last year I got fabulous photos of contrail patterns of hearts and fountains created by spectacular formations and stunts conducted by the team of F-16s, or what are called Fighting Falcons. This year I got amazingly close-up photos of the jets themselves, one inverting directly overhead.

On the third morning, I was near the pickleball players, some of whom I’d shared the days’ previous photos with because they had also watched what was basically our own up close and personal airshow. I attempted to get more shots of two F-16s flying overhead, but the sun was in my eyes, so I simply aimed my camera phone upward and took multiple photos.

When I got home, I saw that some photos contained an F-16, but some did not. Some contained the sun shining through streaky cirrus clouds, some did not. The moon was not visible that morning, nor was it full on that day, because March’s full moon won’t appear until the 24th or 25th. What was visible when I enlarged the photos because of a mysterious white dot, was an unidentifiable orb. Not a cumulous cloud, not the sun, not the moon.

I have three photos of the orb. And three photos of F-16s. The orb and the F-16s do not appear together in any of the photos taken in that brief moment. One thing I’m fairly certain of is that the US Air Force Thunderbirds do not include flying orbs in their air shows.

Maybe it was merely a trick of light, or maybe it wasn’t. But even without enlargement, a white circular dot can be seen in the sky, not among clouds, in three of my photographs.

Hence, I watched the UFO show last weekend because it just happened to have one about orbs appearing near military craft within 48 hours of my photographing just that.

One thing I found interesting was that some of these crafts observed in the vicinity of military aircraft were also seen shapeshifting into cylinders and other shapes. That’s not what I witnessed while photographing an orb in proximity to F-16s, but uncannily I introduced the concept of shapeshifting alien crafts in my latest Other Worldly novel published last year, Altogether Alien—without realizing this was something allegedly witnessed by Earth’s humans.

Also, orbs, or more specifically red orb flying crafts, are piloted by aliens in my novels. Along with cylinder and other shaped crafts, including underwater submersibles, what’s known as USOs.

After watching multiple UFO and USO shows, I started in on a Bigfoot show, also on the Travel Channel, because Bigfoots, along with more shapeshifting submersible alien crafts, feature in my current work in progress, Aliens Watch. And I immediately got as disgusted as I eventually became with the UFO shows, particularly the ones about alien abduction of humans.

In my Other Worldly novels, the reason for Bigfoot’s appearance on Earth, as well as the majority of alien beings and their various spacecraft, is not to pursue sinister purpose.  Quite the opposite. Unfortunately, the one thing that stood out to me among all of the UFO shows watched last weekend, in addition to a few Bigfoot episodes, was the ridiculous projection of humans who repeatedly portray aliens as predators who are evil, sadistic, and possess unequivocal selfish, malevolent intent. As my protagonist Rowan Layne would say, sheesh.

These are in fact all-too-human traits that humans are haplessly attributing to extraterrestrial beings. Plus, it’s not very astute or observant of humans. Because if aliens were all of the things that humans have proven themselves to be toward each other and all other living things such as animals, why haven’t these aliens attacked our military?  If they were so all-powerfully maniacal, why haven’t they taken over?

The stupidest projection by far is that aliens are out to steal our natural resources, or to destroy us to obtain Earth’s natural resources. As I’ve said before, and so has Rowan Layne, humans are doing that quite handily on their own.

Aliens aren’t destroying Earth, its inhabitants, and its natural resources, we are. And military aircraft and weaponry are often used to do so. Perhaps aliens are simply watching us, keeping an eye out as the US now aims to “dominate” space after dropping nuclear bombs on its own species and resources here on Earth. I’d call that wise.




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