Racism is not patriotism

Can You Do Me a Favor?

Has anyone ever had a cop ask them, “Can you do me a favor?” I certainly haven’t, and I’m a white female. Then again, I’m liberal and was once a lawyer, so my experience with police has rarely been rifled with rational discourse on their end.

I used to ask officers being deliberately bullying in Virginia if they knew about the Fourth Amendment. I don’t do that anymore, not only because it isn’t safe to do so, but because I am well aware they know the rule against unreasonable search and seizure in our Bill of Rights.

What they know is they’re not expected to comply with it and will be allowed to freely commit perjury by judges and prosecutors, especially in red states or rural areas where the only part of the Bill of Rights that is celebrated is the Second Amendment.

The Second Amendment does not proffer a right for white supremacists to shoot anyone they please, whenever and wherever they please, with a weapon meant for warfare.

But now that the Supremacist Court has blatantly endorsed the white nationalist, NRA version of the Second Amendment, we have a bloodbath at a Fourth of July parade. And when the cops finally catch up to the mass-murdering white male aged 22, they politely ask him to do them “a favor.”

If it’s an unarmed black male fleeing a mere traffic stop, they shoot him 60 times.

Meanwhile, Republican members of Congress are busy claiming the white sniper using an assault rifle is “Antifa,” at the same time photos are circulating on Twitter of the cowardly monster draped in a Trump flag.

And yes, I know there are some good and decent cops out there, but I wouldn’t place any bets that there are many good and decent Republicans in Congress. People who worship guns are neither good, nor decent. They are diabolical. And astoundingly stupid and cowardly.

I should be writing in this blog to promote my most recent book that launched a couple of weeks ago. But I can’t. In that book I actually created a new character who is a police officer and a decent human being. Because I know there are first responders who actually feel pain about what is happening to our country and its citizens going about their day at the grocery store, children attending public school, or families at a Fourth of July parade (I don’t call it Independence Day anymore because it isn’t).

The reason my fictional white male thirtysomething police officer isn’t a bad guy in Alien Sensation is because he isn’t a bigot filled with hate for anyone who doesn’t look, or think, or vote like him. And he is aware that those who are present an actual violent problem for law enforcement.

What I’m trying to say here, and not so eloquently because I didn’t get much sleep while my dog cowered in the closet all night because local police can’t seem to enforce the law against dangerous and illegal fireworks set off in residential areas all fucking weekend long by selfish cretins who see themselves as patriots, is that racism is not patriotism.

When police apprehend a fleeing mass murderer and politely ask the young white male to do them “a favor,” the entire law enforcement mechanism of the not-so-great USA stinks of racism, favoritism, and willfull ignorance lacking in credibility and common sense while swimming in cowardice.

Racism is not patriotism. Especially when exhibited by those who are sworn to protect and serve all of us, not just their white supremacist buddies. And that includes the seditious SCOTUS six. This blood is on their hands. Do us all a favor and admit that this is the red and white America you envisioned, while backing the not-so-impartial “blue.”

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