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No Longer Supreme, SCOTUS is Now the Supremacist Court

I’m now calling SCOTUS the Supremacist Court. Because it’s not supreme. Six of its injustices, four of whom are decidedly illegitimate because of how and why they were appointed, present white supremacist Christofascist propaganda and call it legal and “historical” analysis. Your average law student knows better. Indeed, your average non-lawyer citizen does. If they’re literate.

As a metastasized cancerous mass within SCOTUS, these despicable six can produce nothing but hateful, racist misogyny with the most inartful, twisted supposition that wreaks of absurdity—and unmitigated greed. An astounding atrocity. Because when they don’t have the law and rational legal reasoning going for them, this tyrannical tumor now just makes stuff up, or harkens back to the good old dark ages of centuries past.

How very obvious is the spiteful, vengeful, vitriol of Thomas and Alito. As if these “men” cannot countenance a woman ever telling them no. Their idea of originalism is rooted in the Salem witch trials of 1692. Such insecurity is so very telling.

How convenient all this is for them, except ole Clarence hasn’t a clue, now does he? No wonder it took him ten years to ask a question while seated in the once-exalted highest court in our nation as he voted in lockstep with Scalia, the justice who interspersed draconian Catholic dogma in his “legal” opinions.

Thomas, the sexual harasser of women in the workplace who thanked “the nuns” when appointed to the now Supremacist Court. Does he think the framers of the Constitution had the original intent of someone like him ever being a member of the judiciary branch of government? Is he a complete imbecile or just so mired in his own misogyny that he can’t comprehend his enabled racism?

The gobsmacking hubris of these six “religious” sycophants preaching morals as jurisprudence when they themselves have proved that they possess not a single shred of professional ethics. Those who give more rights to guns and corporations than to victimized human beings have neither morality nor ethics.

Forced pregnancy is a crime against humanity, rooted in the brutality of slavery. And it’s a crime under international law. Oh, and it’s apparently frowned upon in their canon law as well, but they conveniently ignore that the way they ignore fifty years of legal precedent and a majority in our populace who knows they are inelegant, abhorrent buffoons intent on destroying democracy.

What’s rooted in our history, Samuel Alito, is racism. But then, you knew that. The cruelty is the point, isn’t it? The violence, the oppression, the revenge for men no longer being able to subjugate everyone in their path so that they might rule without competition, commentary, or scruples.

Because unless they claim superiority for themselves, the truth might come out about the size and sickness of their tiny little minds and the lengths they will go to maintain unearned power. Not to mention the astoundingly bloated grotesqueness of their egos.

Clarence Thomas is and always has been a dangerous joke. How petty, how petulant, how downright nasty his every utterance, expression and word. And then there’s the blatantly obvious corruption and collusion with a wife who sought to overturn an election and circumvent the peaceful transition of power. By the way, how many children have the Thomas’s produced for this gross national baby product, this economic supply of human beings?

Why isn’t Mrs. Barrett birthing more babies instead of doing her lord and master husband’s bidding as a justice of this Supremacist Court, as directed by her fascist cult religion and the Federalist Society that bought her appointment so they could easily pull her strings?

The rule of law in the US is the Constitution and its Bill of Rights, not the Ten Commandments, the Spanish Inquisition, the Salem witch trials, or a god proclaimed as male and white and American by white American males.

So-called “conservatives” and self-proclaimed “Christians” have proven themselves to be nothing more than downright selfish, and sickeningly so. As Oscar Wilde said: Selfishness is not living your life as you wish to live it. Selfishness is wanting others to live their lives as you wish them to.

Bottom line regarding these bottom-feeders? A court that practices pseudo-religion instead of law is not a legitimate US tribunal. A court that glorifies in its twisted machinations to freely exercise its idea of religion while failing to acknowledge the Establishment Clause even minutely is not interpreting the Bill of Rights. Its eviscerating it.

As Susan B. Anthony said: I distrust those people who know so well what God wants them to do, because I notice it always coincides with their own desires.

Perhaps Alito should realize that the time he so desperately wants to return to didn’t have a “Supreme” Court. Hell, it didn’t have a United States of America.

Is that his aim? Is that the aim of all six of these seditious saps who can’t draft a legal opinion that actually involves legal reasoning or rational thought?

Because that would make them tyrannical traitors.

Independence Day is hereby cancelled, because a majority of the population should no longer have autonomy or independence, according to the Supremacist Court.

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