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Climate Change: NV Governor’s Maniacal Manipulations

There’s a reason why I write about planetary degradation and its myriad climate change issues in my Other Worldly novel series featuring aliens. Nevada’s current governor is worthy of a vile, all-too-human, villain depicted therein.

As I endured excessively sweltering weekend temps, I was also steaming mad. This past week Governor Lombardo withdrew Nevada from the US Climate Alliance, a coalition of more than two dozen governors committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions on behalf of the residents of their state.

Lombardo, quite obviously a repugnant Republican, was the only governor elected or re-elected in 2022 to withdraw their state. What an unmitigated MAGA moron he is.

This buffoon’s “reasoning” was that the goals of the alliance conflict with Nevada’s energy objectives. You can bet that meant they conflict with greedy polluters’ (his campaign donators) ability to rake in money at the expense of the health and welfare of Nevadans.

Because the objectives he is obsessively focused on in lieu of the environment and Nevada’s ecosystems are a “diverse energy supply portfolio.” Meaning Lombardo and his wealthy donors want to primarily promote fossil fuels while temps are set to repeatedly hit record highs in southern Nevada.

What is this also about? Undoing anything backed by Nevada Democrats. The former Clark County sheriff is viciously eviscerating our previous Democratic Governor Sisolak’s policy, which sought to transition away from fossil fuels, including natural gas, to reach a statutory goal of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Lombardo’s actions are predictably petty, and dangerous.

As we face unprecedented heat and drought, this alt-right tool is taking us backwards. Because it’s all about the grift for Nevada Republicans. The only reason he was voted in was rightwing maniacs threw a fit over COVID restrictions and yelled loud enough and whined incessantly enough to convince other hapless selfish voters to give up on Sisolak.

Governor Sisolak is a decent man and actual leader who gave a damn about the people in our state, including women. He did not deserve to be blamed by bellowing brats for economic hardships wrought by a deadly pandemic.

Climate change denial is on brand for these disgusting excuses for human beings, because they spent the past few years denying a virus that could kill them. A virus that they couldn’t shoot with their firearm stockpiles.

You can’t fix stupid, including anyone and everyone ignorant enough to vote for someone like Lombardo. A former cop accused of domestic abuse who spends his time vetoing bills that would have helped Nevadans, taking a wrecking ball to anything his buddy the Rump doesn’t approve of. Did anyone really imagine this Trumpster was going to think for himself?

Such pervasive ignorance is pernicious and as deadly as a virus. May Lombardo’s lumbering governorship be prevented from causing any more damage to Nevada, or injury to Nevadans. It’s bad enough the NV GOP is under scrutiny for the fake elector’s scheme wherein it, along with a few other states, sought to throw out our votes for a Democratic president. Funny how they weren’t trying to claim voter fraud when it came to their guy getting elected governor. On the same damn ballot.

At least we also got some good news for Nevada this week, and an ignominious defeat for the MAGA morons. The NV GOP’s request to block our state law mandating parties to hold primaries for the 2024 election was judicially denied. An apropos result for a shameless attempt to rewrite our state’s election law and blatantly disregard voter preferences. Just as Lombardo did when it comes to climate change.

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  1. Melissa Tackett

    I still think that we should have been mostly solor power in this state for years . with all tgecsun we get there is no reason it should be so expensive for a homeowner to go “off the grid” with solor power.

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