Rotten lemon

Nothing But Contempt For Rotten SCOTUS Six Scofflaws

You know that expression, it’s a lemon? As in, a person or thing considered to be useless. Boy howdy was this evident on Friday with six members of what is supposed to be the highest court in the nation. High on power and privilege yet lacking in actual factual application of law. Perpetuating blatant fraud.

There’s another expression: contempt of court. I have nothing but contempt for these six SCOTUS justices. It’s well deserved.

Back when I went to law school and learned all about SCOTUS and its ways and means, we were taught things of critical import like standing—as in a person bringing a case before any court, much less one that is supposed to be supreme, must have suffered actual injury. A current case in controversy.

There was also the all-sacred and hailed stare decisis, or let the decision stand, meaning following precedent as opposed to indulging petty and downright political whims of any given justice sitting on this once-hallowed bench.

No more. All of that went alt-right out the autocratic fascist religious bullshit window—almost as if Putin himself had tossed our judicial system straight out of a high-rise building.

Now we get some hapless twit saying, oh but what if I might remotely at some unspecified point in the distant future start a website business for weddings (who has wedding websites anyway?) and—horror of horrors—I could end up having to deal with homosexuals and I won’t have a SCOTUS blessing from high to be an unmitigated bigoted bitch as directed by my so-called decidedly hatemongering religious beliefs?

How will she ever run a personal business without license to randomly discriminate and free reign to detest people who have never asked for her services? Nor would they likely do so because her narrow mind alone indicates she hasn’t a creative bone in her pathetic body. Plus, aren’t weddings supposed to be about love? Something this fanatic clearly knows nothing about.

People who perpetuate fraud, including the lawyer who brought this case, should be indicted, not pandered to by SCOTUS.

And then there’s Chief Justice John Roberts. His JR initials might as well stand for judicial rape. This guy thinks he can admonish the rest of us to be respectful of these malevolent majority opinions. Get a clue, you worthless excuse for a human being—and a judge who apparently doesn’t even know the parameters of the First Amendment or how to properly apply the Fourteenth.

As many prominent folks are saying on social media, John Roberts can go fuck himself.

In many respects, he already has. Anyone who attended law school should have nothing but contempt for this joke of a court majority run amok, yet he is supposed to be presiding over them. They aren’t “conservative;” they are domestic terrorists who gleefully mock the law and attempt to gaslight us.

But I and others don’t and won’t do moronic manipulation wrought by religious fanatics. Those of us who studied law also learned about this thing called “ripeness,” as in a controversy brought before the court must be ripe for adjudication. It can’t be moot or made up. It can’t be a hypothetical that never actually happened, or an outright lie. Kind of like Lorie Smith’s “religion.”

These cases attacking affirmative action and supposedly free speech weren’t ripe, they’re rotten. Entirely fabricated rotten lemons. How it is possible that John Roberts and his band of merry manipulators didn’t know this?

Last year on June 29 my blog post was titled: No Longer Supreme, SCOTUS is Now the Supremacist Court. It’s only gotten worse. Six stinking supremacists, six moldy and rancidly rotten sour lemons who deserve to be thrown into a trash bin and hauled away. Not fit for compost, or a court of law.

This Fourth of July, I’m taking affirmative action to exercise my right of free speech and declare independence from this joke of a SCOTUS. Because I’ve decided my new “religion” doesn’t allow me to comply with or respect opinions lacking in actual law or legal reasoning, deviously devised by corrupt greed mongers who are actually on the take—and take no pride in precedent. Precedent they flat out lied about upholding in their confirmation hearings. Lied.

Here’s the thing. Folks are talking about SCOTUS term limits like that will solve this malignancy. But if these six scofflaws aren’t going to follow law or practice law, they should be disbarred. They don’t deserve their licenses if they are incapable of preventing and not perpetrating corruption.

Also, if they want to make it up as they go along based upon personal bias as opposed to established law, so will the rest of us. I’m biased against despicable, blatant discrimination wrought by fraudsters utterly lacking in integrity named Roberts, Alito, Thomas, Kavanaugh, Barrett, and Gorsuch. I believed in Anita Hill back when I was in law school. And I still do. And too bad the FBI also lied about investigating Kavanaugh. We know better.

They can all shove their Fourth of July fireworks where the sun—and reasoned jurisprudence—doesn’t shine. They’ve poisoned the entire legal system and the integrity of our nation with their toxicity. Rotting lemons from the inside out.




2 thoughts on “Nothing But Contempt For Rotten SCOTUS Six Scofflaws”

  1. Melissa Tackett

    I was so mad and sad and scared when that ruling came down. Then to find out that it was a bogus case to boot? Hate it is getting as bad, if not worse, than in the civil rights movement in the 50s and 60s. Now they have the law on their side to hate and commit the violence.

  2. Well, how do you really feel!? I knew this post would be one of your best! You did not disappoint. Not fit for compost…just one of several quotes I’m writing down!!!

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