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Heinous is the Hubris of Hateful Men Playing God

In the opening scene of my upcoming Alien Sensation, protagonist Rowan Layne is attacked by a misogynist reporter from Fox News in Salem, Massachusetts, followed by a pistol-packing religious zealot proclaiming her to be an abomination and a whore. After which she addresses the reporter:

“When you file today’s story, do try to refrain from referring to the arrest of a dangerously deranged man as a witch hunt—as your network so often has with the indictment of the former president and his cohorts in crime.” I channeled some Luna Moth Woman mojo, my fictional superheroine journalist. “Bone up on the factual history of actual witch hunts that took place on this very soil—and who they mostly targeted. It’s men who perpetuated and perpetrated witch hunts in a pathetic attempt to control. The systematic, targeted persecution and burning of females for such oh-so-shocking things as having sex.” I paused to drive my point home. “Given how you’re so preoccupied with intimate details of private lives of women you don’t personally know.”

I’ve noted before how some things I write seem uncannily prescient and have a way of coming true. With this fifth novel of my Other Worldly series, I only wish the latest vile attempt by the Supreme Court to control women—using their version of religion versus the Constitution—to send us back to an era reminiscent of the Salem Witch Trials was mere fiction.

Justice Samuel Alito, in his not-so-erudite, emotion-based, draft opinion glaringly lacking in actual legal analysis has even referenced a man named Nathan Hale who supported the burning of women at the stake and wrote treatises on a husband’s ownership of his wife. Is this Alito’s personal hero?

For misogynist religious zealots like Alito and his sexual predator cohorts in crime, it really is all about control. But why? Do they secretly see themselves as so weak and inferior that if they don’t control all females of the universe, they will somehow be revealed as less than? This after thousands of years of claiming superiority based on conveniently contrived religious dogma distorted to make gods of men and chattel of women.

It’s because females are the gender with the power to procreate. And no amount of control or violence or vitriol will change that inescapable biological fact. Then again, biology holds no place in the tall tale where a very young female somehow conceives a male child without the necessary male and female copulation. Because apparently only virgins can be revered as holy and divine, such that all women impregnated the natural way, as opposed to supernatural, must henceforth be derided as whores or inferior to all men.

So perhaps the problem is really that men like Alito don’t like the idea of any female having sex without male control over who and when and why?

Do these craven cretins really believe it’s their role to determine this for each female born on this planet?

Heinous is the hubris of weak-willed hateful men playing gods.

Did you catch that mention in my opening paragraph about the indictment of the former president and his cohorts in crime? Because in my novels, I can and do ensure that such depraved humans do not prevail and are held accountable to the actual rule of law. Including a duplicitous and corrupt attorney general.

In reality, my nation is no longer a place in which I feel safe, respected, and valued as a human being. Simply because I’m an outspoken female who did not procreate and who does not believe that someone else’s idea of religion translates to my gender treated as a second-class citizen, or perhaps not even a sentient being, in the secular United States.

Perhaps the USA was doomed at inception when John Adams refused to respect or to heed the words of his wife, Abigail. When she warned him to “remember the ladies,” she didn’t mean that they should persecute, demean and blame females for the foibles of men despite their not having a voice or a vote.

A nation where only wealthy, predominantly white so-called Christian men rule is not something worthy of a deity’s blessing. A deity that supposedly has no gender, but somehow is referred to as “He” and “Father” and “Lord.” How convenient. And likely blasphemous.

There’s also the little picadillo that Supreme Court justices are supposed to be basing legal opinions on actual legal precedent as opposed to a diabolical man’s twisted concept of ancient biblical text.

The most pathetic and damning thing of all is that decidedly insecure men like Alito have absolutely no self-awareness. They hate from the very core of their beings while preening and declaring their superiority. Such clueless arrogance is as astonishing as it is ridiculous and pathetic. Not to mention immature and unprofessional.

Perhaps we should change the name of the highest court in our nation because it clearly has been misconstrued by those would anoint themselves supreme over all races, genders, and religious dogma in contravention of constitutional law and of natural law. Because, once again, females are the only gender who can give birth.

As Susan B. Anthony said, “I distrust those people who know so well what God wants them to do, because I notice it always coincides with their desires.”

P.S. If the Supreme Court and repugnant Republicans really cared about the sanctity of life, they’d do something to stop violent white men from wielding guns to commit mass murder in the name of “supremacy.”

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  1. As mom would say, Bravo!

    Love the Susan B Anthony quote. Love that you don’t hold back. Keep representing sis❤️

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