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Mother of All Wars Against Women

I recently posted about minor censorship issues occurring when I was a newspaper columnist in rural central Nevada. But I left out one instance of curious copy editing; a headline eschewed in my very last column. The media powers didn’t cotton to my observation that Supreme Court integrity was irrevocably eroded.

That column was published in 2019 in the wake of the Kavanaugh appointment. His behavior at his hearing (at least he got one despite it being a constitutional requirement of the Senate for all nominees) was not the least of glaring testament as to why this smarmy sexual predator was unfit for any bench, much less the highest court in our nation.

My headline was changed to, “There is some erosion of Supreme Court integrity.” Inelegant wordsmithing and mealy-mouthed manipulation aside, my Other Worldly series protagonist would likely respond, “Ya think?”

It’s taken me more than a few days to respond to the most recent Supreme Court-related atrocity (there’s been so many), in order to not seem as if I’m screaming the entire blog post. Because I’d probably be labelled just another shrill woman who should shut up and have babies.

No thanks. But here’s what I will say. I never had an abortion. Then again, I was never pregnant. It’s nobody’s business why, but there are plenty of men and unfortunately too many women who likely already view this as a crime.

Men, because apparently rightwing so-called conservative Christian nut jobs think it’s a female’s only role in life to be a birthing machine with no other bodily or brain function. Women, because somehow my or anyone else’s personal choice challenges their decision to parent—or the decision they obsequiously let men make for them.

In my Other Worldly novels, I cover this issue of not having kids and how it’s judged by sanctimonious society. Newsflash: Birthing babies is not a woman’s sole purpose in life any more than impregnating women is a man’s.

Men aren’t gobbling Viagra for offspring. Because procreation isn’t seen as a singular directive for the male of our species. Clearly neither is child support. How very convenient for them.

Then there are those with supposed religious faith so tenuous it’s considered diminished by anyone who doesn’t share their dogmatic beliefs. Some of us think for ourselves and aren’t burdened with a desperate need to force this lockstep, blatantly sexist authoritarianism onto others.

But I definitely have a problem when religious misogynist fanaticism straight out of the 17th century (or the Middle East) is thrust upon me when I live in a secular nation and once took an oath as a lawyer to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. The same oath taken by justices of the Supreme Court.

I didn’t lie when I took my oath, though at the time I never dreamed we’d be dealing with so very many domestic enemies—on the Supreme Court, no less. Scalia was enough of a Spanish Inquisition incarnation. His drafted opinions gave me nightmares while in law school.

Our nation was founded on common law, not canon law. And God is not a word found in the Constitution. Also, “God” does not automatically translate as Jesus or Christianity. And while I’m at it, “so help me God” was not part of the original oath as drafted. Some folks can’t seem to keep from pushing their autocratic obsessions onto others in contravention of the First Amendment. Including not-so esteemed Supreme Court justices.

What is it with men who are so excruciatingly insecure in their own skin that they’re compelled to resort to attempting to control women? I wrote a May 2019 column about this as well. The headline was, “Men trying to control women are out of control.” Ya think?

Here’s an excerpt from that column written three years ago:

There are men trying to control women. Men working feverishly to take our nation and our lives into the darkest of ages. Men with egos so threatened by femininity they declare themselves lord and master to eviscerate female autonomy. Playing gods in a manner that flies in the face of free will, and all human decency. These men are out of control.

They wage war against women for the inescapable biological fact that men do not have, nor will they ever possess, physiological abilities bestowed only to females. Men who have haplessly declared themselves superior for thousands of years to patronize a pathological patriarchy.

Arguing with these men that women will die is a waste of breath. It is the aim of these men that women die painfully and tragically. These men who seek a death sentence for women but not for their rapists. These men who decided a female child incestuously raped is not a medical emergency or a moral depravity. Men self-serving enough to declare there is such a thing as consensual rape.

Men compelled to contaminate the world with toxic masculinity and call it manhood, their privileged right. These men know nothing of the sanctity of anything but their own simmering resentment and rage. Their all-consuming hatred that they cannot control. Men who have not been held accountable for their utter lack of self-control.

This compunction to control women is a festering sickness, a plague of epic proportions that can bring down entire civilizations.

And now, in 2022, how weak, how unoriginal, how damning is the need to force women to give birth. Not so very different from forcing us to procreate. As in rape.

That’s what this is. The raping of all females—because age isn’t an issue when it comes to Republicans and their need to subjugate, enslave, and excoriate. In the mother of all wars against women.

Pregnancy doesn’t happen without an ejaculating penis. Regulate men. Police male aggression and all sperm emitted for reasons other than procreation. Prosecute male violence against women. Every last sniveling cowardly act of it.

I wrote a Mother’s Day column in 2019 as well. Here’s what I had to say:

One way to celebrate motherhood is to respect a woman’s autonomy over her body. Attempting to force women to become mothers by criminalizing constitutionally protected reproductive rights does a dangerous disservice to all women, including mothers.

Furthermore, how about we treat sexual assault victims with dignity as opposed to disbelief, denial or vilification? Discontinuing the pervasive “boys will be boys” mentality and holding men accountable for violent actions shows respect for mothers and their daughters.

I’ll end with this on Mother’s Day, 2022: Get the US out of our uteruses. Stop this war on women. Because it’s most definitely a weapon of mass destruction hiding in plain sight.

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