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Indictment Insights For My Politically Passionate Mom On Her 90th Birthday

My Mom, Laura, turns 90 today. Born in Texas in the same year as Willie Nelson, she still loves Willie—and “jitterbugging” to Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville. She’s also my number one fan of this blog site, still diligently reading every post and providing praise that keeps me writing.

Those of you in the know, or who are “with it” as Mom would say, are also aware that she stars as Audrey in my Other Worldly series. I chose that name because Audrey Hepburn is her favorite actress. Mom’s favorite movie of Audrey’s is Sabrina, but she also loves Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

If you’ve read my novel series, you know my mom embraces a love of fashionable black shoes—and shoe shopping. Then there are the texts chock full of fun emoji—including the occasional shoe but most often hearts. Especially hearts for her granddog and grandcat, Bodie and Morris.

But the passion instilled in me at a young age by my mother was political activism. Specifically, supporting candidates for office, both nationally and locally in Arlington, Virginia, where I grew up. All of those candidates were Democrats.

Which is why Mom Audrey in my novels succinctly and accurately refers to the former foul occupant of the White House (never named in my books but clearly identified by his disgusting bloviation) as being from Planet Jackass.

Mom, a former kindergarten teacher and later a small business owner, has always known which end of the political spectrum actually cared about and fought for people like her. And it was never the jackass Republicans who are tacky and totally out of it.

Last week the ultimate jackass of criminally corrupt proportions was indicted for a third time. I read this 45-page (oh the numerical irony) indictment for Mom, and for me. It is because of Mom and my upbringing that I know enough to especially take Count 4 personally: Conspiracy Against Rights.

All of us should. Because this crime involves “a conspiracy against the right to vote and have one’s vote counted.”

The indictment states that, “Shortly after election day, the Defendant pursued unlawful means of discounting legitimate votes and subverting the elections results. In doing so, the Defendant perpetrated three criminal conspiracies…Each of these conspiracies—which built on the widespread mistrust the Defendant was creating through pervasive and destabilizing lies about election fraud—targeted a bedrock function of the United States federal government: the nation’s process of collecting, counting, and certifying the results of the presidential election.”

It gets even more excruciatingly and infuriatingly personal for me because of the following:

“On the pretext of baseless false claims, the Defendant pushed officials in certain states to ignore the popular vote; disenfranchise millions of votes, dismiss legitimate electors; and ultimately, cause the ascertainment of and voting by illegitimate electors in favor of the Defendant. The Defendant and co-conspirators organized fraudulent slates of electors in seven targeted states.”

Nevada was one of those seven targeted states. I live and vote in Nevada. And I voted for Biden. The outgoing president of the United States, who lost the 2020 election, plotted and attempted with his coterie of corrupt lawyers to nullify my vote. Or worse, switch my vote to this catastrophically bereft-of-integrity cult leader. The very same imbeciles who fraudulently claimed voting machines changed votes for the Defendant to Biden. You can’t make this astounding and blatant hypocrisy up.

The indictment reveals that:

“The Defendant claimed there had been tens of thousands of double votes and other fraud in Nevada. The Nevada Secretary of State had previously rebutted the Defendant’s fraud claims by publicly posting a ‘Facts vs. Myths’ document explaining that Nevada judges had reviewed and rejected them, and the Nevada Supreme Court had rendered a decision denying such claims.”

The Nevada Secretary of State at the time was a Republican. Currently, that job is occupied by a Democrat. A burning question that the indictment doesn’t answer is why the fake Republican electors acting fraudulently in Nevada have not been criminally indicted as the Michigan fraudsters recently were. I truly hope this is not something the current MAGA governor is working to prevent.

On January 4, 2021 (dates are important because the Defendant’s hapless lawyers are claiming he has been investigated for three and a half years since the 2021 January 6 insurrection—insert rolling eye emoji here), the Defendant and co-conspirator 2 (John Eastman) “asked” the Vice President to unilaterally reject the legitimate electors from the seven targeted states.

Of note in the indictment is how these treasonous troglodytes planned and attempted a massive crime against democracy itself yet merely shrugged it off as credibly acceptable because, “Well, nobody’s tested it before.”

On January 6, the Defendant, flanked at a podium by Guiliani and Eastman, aka co-conspirators 1 and 2, said, “The states got defrauded. They were given false info.”

Yes, because it was him and his thugs who defrauded and disseminated false info in Nevada and elsewhere. Literally everything with this demented sociopath is a projection.

Finally, my favorite tidbit gleaned from the indictment involved vote-counting fraud claims in Georgia. A Senior Campaign Advisor for the Defendant wrote in an email on December 8, 2020:

“When our research and campaign legal team can’t back up any of the claims made by our Elite Strike Force Legal Team, you can see why we’re 0-32 on our cases. I’ll obviously hustle to help on all fronts, but it’s tough to own any of this when it’s all just conspiracy shit beamed down from the mothership.”

Yes, folks, that’s the skinny in the federal indictment of a former corpulent president. And I can’t help but note that Audrey’s declaration of that disastrous dude being from Planet Jackass back in Alienable Rights published in early 2020 was quite prescient. It’d be funny, too, if this whole situation weren’t so dangerously awful.

But Mom, at least we can toast to the truth finally coming to light. We’ve known it all along, haven’t we?  Love you oodles from Doodles, and happy birthday. Thanks for instilling those Democratic values.

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  1. Perfect! Nice tribute to our feisty mom. I know what we’d all like her birthday gift from the universe to be!

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