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Republicans Give Aliens A Bad Name

It’s really a shame that we finally get testimony under oath before Congress about aliens, yet progressives are dismissing it with derision. Why? Because the hearing was ostensibly held by MAGA extremist Republicans intent on pursuing more of their conspiracy theory deep state bullshit, or to cause yet another tedious distraction from indictments of a criminal who formerly occupied the White House.

For an author with books about aliens that address human bigotry, it’s a total bummer and ultimate frustration. Republicans are giving aliens, or at least any discussion about them, a bad name.

It is also tiring to see the inevitable and juvenile anal probe jokes on social media. As if aliens would have nothing better to do with beings who are clearly not superior to them. Because if extraterrestrials can easily reach Earth and choose to do so, they are lightyears ahead of us on just about everything.

It’s not as if we don’t have evidence that illuminates this reality. Despite the hoards who continue to claim there is no evidence.

We have videotaped UFO activity the Pentagon can’t explain and took too long to reveal. Evidence witnessed firsthand by military aviators. Evidence of excessive speed and other incredible technological feats. Newsflash: Someone had to be piloting those crafts, either remotely or directly at the helm.

What was particularly interesting to me about this recent testimony was both the mention of non-biological humans and reverse-engineered alien technology, both of which feature in my Other Worldly novels.

As protagonist Rowan Layne says in the first book, Alienable Rights: Some of us have our own personal proof.

I may not have seen aliens (that I know of), but I have seen UFOs, or UAP as the Pentagon now persists in calling them (they were still UFOs back in my Pentagon days). And I knew enough to understand that what I witnessed in Nevada was not our US super-secret military aircraft.

It is disappointing, to say the least, that this information released under oath is automatically eschewed simply because of when and where it occurred. Plus, it’s all too easy for many to dismiss this dude as a “whistleblower hoax.”

Republicans have also given actual whistleblowers a bad name. Is there nothing they don’t render ridiculous by association?

In my Other Worldly novels, the rabid rightwing religious gun fanatics are decidedly anti-alien. What I hadn’t anticipated is that most everyone else would respond to news of aliens in a similar fashion.

Yes, there are some who listened with interest and didn’t immediately dismiss what they heard of this Congressional testimony. But the problem is, there aren’t enough of us.

Is it fear? Are people so easily threatened by the possibility of superior beings? And why do they demand absolute proof of aliens yet readily ascribe to tales of a celestial being that came down from “the heavens” who sees and controls all?

As Rowan Layne also says in Alienable Rights:

As if we’ve ever had proof of how humans got here. People want immediate and irrevocable answers about aliens when the age-old question of our own existence hasn’t been definitively answered.

I for one am way more wary of pervasive and pernicious human ignorance among us. Ignorance on blatant and disgusting display since roughly 2016.

What I like to say and have expressed through the Other Worldly series is that aliens don’t need to plot the destruction of Earth, because humans are doing it quite speedily all on their own.

And I’m pretty sure I got in right in my novels. Humans will inevitably find a way to see aliens as just another thing to fear and hate. Or make fun of. Recent evidence in the form of negative reaction to astounding testimony about aliens unfortunately bears that out.

Ponder this: The photo accompanying this blog post is of a State of Nevada road sign. There’s a reason for that.


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