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MAGA Magistrate Flies Faulty Legal Opinion into Democracy, Destroying Credibility

It’s nearing that time in September again. And I’m doing pretty good, twenty-one years later. Or I thought I was.

Funny thing though, I awoke at 3 a.m. feeling leery, only to have that be the Wordle of the day (not a spoiler, as this is now a different day). Except, this time, this year, my angst is for an entirely different reason.

Another corrupt judge, this one spewing a rotted word-salad stench from Florida as toxic as sarin gas. Kind of like the potential chemical warfare we were warned of in the weeks and months following 9/11.

Back then, we in the DC area were advised, by the kneejerk Congressional response known as the Department of Homeland Security, to duct tape our houses to prevent injury from chemical attack. You can’t make this stuff up.

We who worked for the Pentagon were also issued gasmasks. I feel like I need one in September 2022 to protect me from this MAGA magistrate and all of her ignorant ilk.

But there is not enough gasmasks or duct tape in the universe to prevent our democracy from choking to death on this pathetic excuse for a legal ruling. Because that MAGA magistrate just made corrosive crap up as she went along and was blatantly obvious in her obfuscation.

The Florida magistrate’s credibility has gone up in flames, but she has also destroyed faith in a process that is supposed to be conducted by professionals not behaving like conspiratorial terrorists.

It was as if we all just stood there and watched her fly that second plane into the Twin Towers, when we should have known what was coming. Or someone sure as hell should have known.

I was feeling all those old feelings at three in the morning, and I still am hours and days later.

Extreme anxiety over what I couldn’t control. Desperate for answers that never came. How did this happen? Who let this happen? What if anything will be done about it? And will I ever feel safe again?

Leery means cautious or wary due to realistic suspicions.

I am beyond wary in my suspicions that this MAGA magistrate cannot be trusted and holds not one iota of integrity or intent to be impartial—I’d say remain impartial, except she apparently never was—in what is the most important criminal investigation ever to befall our democracy.

A democracy which may indeed fall, not to international terrorists flying planes into buildings, but from domestic terrorists and duplicitous twits who send any and all legal precept and logic twisting in the wind, contorting reason into sordid rationale to protect the worst traitor this nation has ever known.

Judges are supposed to be impartial and uphold the rule of law. And planes are supposed to be intercepted before they fly into the flipping headquarters for the Department of Defense.

Someone, somewhere, in charge of things like counterintelligence or deciding who gets seated on a judicial bench, is supposed to do something to prevent terrorism and this blatantly corrupt miscarriage of justice.

A couple of Saudi terrorists once spent time in Florida back in 2001, supposedly bragging in a bar about how they were going to be airline pilots. A MAGA magistrate in Florida has now flown a flaming, stinking morass of a legal opinion at the rule of law and at we the people, eviscerating any semblance of judicial impartiality or credibility.

Who will stop her? Who let this happen? What if anything will be done about it? And will the legal profession, our rule of law, and the democracy it bestows ever recover from it?

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