Where are Indictments of Corrupt Lawyers, Judges and SCOTUS Justices?

Anyone else had enough of this dribble about how certain lawyers “might” or “could” or “may” be held accountable for violating not only the law, but legal ethics of their profession?

How much is enough to act against their transgressions?

Blatant evidence of malicious and politically based prosecution, including unprecedented and often petty corruption that permeated the Justice Department; obstruction of justice, including outright lying to federal officials investigating crimes; nominees lying under oath to get confirmed to their positions and seemingly proud of it; appalling conflicts of interest including family members engaged in insurrection; and endless filing of incoherent, frivolous and dangerous-for-democracy lawsuits aimed at screwing with the upcoming November election.

One abhorrent, insidious instance after another of collusive and corrupt lawyering.

A highly compromised former attorney general, who committed so many crimes while serving the previous administration by doing a treasonous president’s criminal bidding, that it’s beyond appalling how he’s still free to attempt to repair his image using Fox News. The very filth-mongering folks who enabled him to eviscerate justice and lie his way through a swath of unethical, illegal machinations.

Where are the indictments of these lawyers, judges, and Supreme Court justices?

As a former lawyer, I’m beyond sick of this vile crap, and I scorn the profession’s inability and/or unwillingness to require lawyers and judges to actually abide by the rules of professional ethics and the rule of law.

I’ve written about this before, how it takes more than an insipid multiple-choice professional responsibility test to ensure that lawyers aren’t running amok, as so many clearly are as they continue to wreak havoc on the American populace.

We also have too many bad lawyers “serving,” and I use that term facetiously, in Congress. Because they serve no one but themselves as they run roughshod over the rule of law as if it doesn’t apply to them. Apparently basic human decency doesn’t either. What on earth does the former guy have on them that they would contort themselves into idiotic hypocritical puppets to defend treason?

Here’s the ignominious irony. I don’t even have to name names herein. Because everyone knows of whom I am speaking and has seen their crimes and corruption and sickening swagger as they go about it. If we can all see it, how is it that those in charge of policing their vicious, villainous behavior are so blind or unwilling to act against these corrosive thugs?

Where are the indictments of these lawyers, judges, and Supreme Court justices?

They are not criminal defense attorneys, they are the criminals, corrupt down to their core, and running around like a wrecking ball while the media reports how a judge is “hinting” that lawyers might get a slap on the wrist for bringing malicious lawsuits, or “might be” disciplined for assisting to overthrow our election and destroy our democracy.

What happened to the oath to uphold the Constitution as opposed to this self-serving revisionist rightwing nonsense? We’ve got so many domestic enemies, many of them lawyers and judges, it makes our foreign enemies look like child’s play.

And will hallowed institutions like Harvard take a more critical look at who they let walk through their doors and walk out with a law degree? Because more than a few of their graduates are giving them and other revered institutions a bad name. Perhaps it should take more than ridiculous amounts of money to be afforded the opportunity to brandish a pedigree law degree like it’s battering ram—and a license to lie.

Where are the indictments of these lawyers, judges, and Supreme Court justices?

Furthermore, notoriously corrupt politically motivated prosecutors shouldn’t get to die like a certain someone did yesterday without ever being held accountable for their nefarious pursuits. Enough already. Starr rhymes with Barr, and he was not exactly a stellar professional when it came to legal ethics or basic human decency.

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