Supreme Court, Not Aliens, Aims to Destroy Earth

On April 6, the not-so-Supreme Court issued a 5-4 decision that weakens protections provided by the Clean Water Act, otherwise known as the Federal Water Pollution Control Act. Perhaps these five foul-play justices think this means they’re supposed to perpetuate, as opposed to prevent, pollution, but who can tell?

Because these fascist five issued this decision without an actual written opinion. An act so pernicious and contrary to the requirements of their profession and the judicial process that even the rightwing chief justice joined the progressive, anti-pollution members of the Court.

I guess when you have no legal or ethical basis to turn back decades of hard-won environmental protection, why prove your duplicity by putting your hapless machinations in writing? Just issue an unsupported edict devoid of thoughtful analysis with no explanation or shame because you’ve been appointed for life to a position for which you clearly have no respect, much less qualifications.

And if those vile five so fervently claim to believe that their god—and only their white male English-speaking god—created Earth, why are they doing their damnedest to allow others to destroy it?

The sordid fact is this pathetic excuse for a high court wasn’t actually stacked by and with alt-right extremists in order to further a blatantly sexist and unconstitutional religious agenda. That’s a murky civil-liberties smokescreen.

In reality, those hastily appointed unqualified justices who have now made such an atrocious miscarriage of justice possible are merely pathological puppets. Used for the diabolical aims of ensuring corporations can and will continue to maraud Earth’s environment at will, with impunity, and with full-bore, utterly devastating gusto.

Those who seek to freely pollute our water without restriction aren’t religious, or even misogynist. They’re simply against humanity and basic human decency while in pursuit of the almighty dollar. They believe in nothing more than making money at the expense of the health of our planet and its population.

Funny, but not really, how movies like to portray aliens as out to conquer or destroy Earth, perhaps with evil plans to invade, infiltrate, and steal or annihilate our natural resources. Except we’re destroying our natural habitat quite successfully all by our selfish, sickening selves.

It’s not those visiting from other planets we need to worry about. It’s a whole host of heinous individuals who have bought and paid for justices on the Supreme Court, not to mention far too many members of Congress, two of whom are senators masquerading as Democrats.

Our Supreme Court has been befouled with a toxin so corrosive that all credibility has now been eroded. Because you can’t merely partially pollute a fluid water body any more than you can contain the corrupt in power who are destroying our democracy and our environment one insidious decision at a time.

The five, unfortunately usually six, justices are now a fascist factory pipe spewing slimy sewage and calling it a legal decision. Lest anyone try to blame aliens for fouled water bodies that poison humans.

We will now have our first Black woman on the Supreme Court, no thanks to those greed-mongering, racist, misogynist, wholly hypocritical Republicans who defiled themselves and the reputation of Congress to try to prevent it. Too bad they can’t be so ardently concerned with preventing pollution in the states they’re supposed to represent.

These same toxic souls will likely now try to blame this new justice for everything they don’t like about Earth, the US, or our judiciary branch of government. Isn’t that the way it always goes with poser religious fanatics? Because if they’re not blaming demonic aliens, they will most assuredly and without conscience blame females for atrocities they themselves have wrought with diabolical deliberation devoid of intelligence or compassion.

Villains viler than any alien invasion flick could possibly conjure, and far more destructive.

I’d like to think that maybe now folks will finally realize that their presidential vote matters, and why. The Supreme Court was at stake, and therefore so much more that affects their individual lives.

Sadly, I suspect they’re still burying their heads in the sand, either claiming their individual vote doesn’t count and can’t make a difference, or that they just couldn’t bring themselves to vote for a candidate for some petty reason or another. They might as well go live on another planet, because they’re sure not doing the rest of us any good. Maybe when they can’t drink the water coming from their faucets they might finally get a clue. Or cancer. One wonders who they’ll blame for that.



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