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Weaker Sex? Speak For Yourself

Feminist food for thought on this Good Friday as observed by Christians: One female member of Congress is apparently neither a feminist nor the devout Christian she claims to be. There is scant that is good about what she represents, including her recent assertion that women are the weaker sex, conveniently based on a biblical allegory.

Putting aside the reality that a woman named Mary Magdalene had a pretty strong role in terms of finding Jesus’ body no longer in a tomb thereby sounding the call of resurrection on what is now known as Easter Sunday, the year is currently 2022. And we live in a secular nation where there has never been a religious test to run for office, per the Constitution, whether man or woman.

There are women who do an excellent job serving as representatives in Congress. Then there’s the three-named, seemingly illiterate imbecile from Georgia. She’s apparently decided it’s her role to spout nonsensical tropes about “Adam’s rib” derived of biblical fantasy while giving speeches at white nationalist functions.

Speak for yourself, MTG, because what statements like yours tend to show is that the person uttering them is weak-minded and weak of character, whether man or woman.

This is a woman who recently posted on Twitter—after our latest mass shooting in a NYC subway, no less—how she will gun down anyone attempting to kill her, and then she will “reload.” Talk about dramatic overkill. She is apparently quite consumed with the conviction that someone will actually come for her as she obsesses over the chance to use a loaded gun to take the life of another human being.

How very Christian of her. Living and breathing in anticipation of spewing deadly bullets from a modern-day weapon and announcing that maniacal message to millions on a social media site she was previously bashing.

This farcical character who apparently styles herself as some sort of twisted version of her idea of a militia member per the Second Amendment also stated how she thinks that being part of our actual militia, as in a member of the US military, is throwing away your life.

The hubris of the horrifically hypocritical knows no bounds—or gender specificity. I don’t need to entirely fabricate villains for my Other Worldly novels because there’s so many appalling real life examples to draw from. Folks like this weak excuse for a political representative are the reason my protagonist Rowan Layne is losing her faith in humanity in Alien Sensation, coming soon.

If MTG’s allegedly almighty god is her Christian ally, why does she need guns? If women are the supposed “weaker sex,” why is she going off about what a tough gunslinger she is? Or perhaps she’s saying she needs guns because she is so very weak?

And about this Christian Nationalist stuff. There are no white people in the bible they like to blather about as if they know something about the Constitution (our actual rule of law) or as if they can comprehensively read. And here’s a real mindbender for these craven racists: There are no Americans in this bible either.

Ironically, while I was drafting this blog post, Microsoft Word Editor decided to play sensitivity monitor and tell me I wasn’t being “gender inclusive” when I typed phrases about women being the weaker sex. Ya think?

It’s bad enough there are women who use their power to perpetuate male patriarchal claims of manly supremacy. Why is Microsoft attempting to police me when I write about it? Do women writers really need mansplaining from a software program?

I used to be (with emphasis on past tense) in a local writing group that had a male participant who read excerpts of his supposed novel at meetings. In addition to various racial slurs and sexist commentary on female anatomy, his male protagonist referred to women as the “weaker sex.” I suspect that any suggestion from the Microsoft sensitivity police would be incomprehensible to, and wasted on, this self-proclaimed writer.

Microsoft Word Editor didn’t like me referring to this individual or equally offensive members of Congress as cretins, but the truth often seems insensitive to those who lack the ability to see women as equal and sentient beings. Whether a blatantly sexist clueless man, or an ignorant woman playing the role of weak submission to male dictates as she publicly spews misogynist messages to pander to the patriarchy pulling her pathetic puppet strings.

Propagandist attention mongering riddled with pathological lies is definitely a tool of the weak, but it isn’t limited to one gender, especially given the abhorrent behavior of her fellow Republican male misogynist members of Congress, as well as too many state governors also parading and posturing as devout Christians.

As David Hogg recently posted on Twitter: “Stop regulating women and start regulating guns.”

Happy Easter to all those who don’t worship guns and don’t see women as second-class citizens.



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